Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Juha soitti...

Minun serkku Juha soitti pari tunttii sitten. Hän meinnaa tulla Sveitsiin kaymäs. Ugh....just forget it. I can speak Finnish, but I have one heck of a time trying to write it.
What I just wrote was: My cousin Juha called a couple of hours ago. He intends on coming to Switzerland for a visit. Actually, he is going to be coming here from Finland on a business trip, and we're trying to coordinate getting together. I haven't seen him since 1985 when he was about 17 years old. I'm assuming he's changed a bit since then. I know I have.
We spoke on the phone for about thirty minutes. It was nice talking to him. He speaks English, but I told him I need to practice my Finnish every chance I get since it gets a bit rusty in Switzerland. I only speak Finnish with my father on the phone about once per week, and that's only for about three minutes. He's not that much of a phone talker, so after three minutes he hands the phone over to my mom. My mom speaks Finnish too, but I always speak English with her. So, this thirty minute Finnish conversation was a real treat.
When you tally up today's languages it comes out to: German: 95 minutes (90 minute lesson plus some random talking in public), Finnish: 30 minutes, English: 10 minutes (I ran into one of Mrs. TBF's ex-coworkers at Starbucks, I spoke with a neighbor for a couple of minutes, and random comments to the pets).
Speaking of the pets, I better go feed them. Dominique is pacing!

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