Monday, July 11, 2005

Long Live the King!

Here's an update on our 17-year old cat - King. He's a BEAST!!!
We've been worried about his health. Over the past couple of months, he had dropped quite a bit of weight and he didn't have much of an appetite. I brought him for a blood test, and Dr. Buser said that everything was normal except for his liver function which was slightly abnormal. Dr. Buser said that he could test the blood for everything at his office except for the thyroid function which he would have to have done at an outside lab.
As it turned out, it WAS King's thyroid which was not functioning properly. Mrs. TBF started giving King his thyroid pills while I was in Finland, and now King has pretty much turned into a feline vacuum cleaner sucking up any morsel of food that's put in his ever-expanding body. Our friends Dave and Jane came over for Mrs. TBF's homemade sushi (it was the first time she ever tried to make it, and it was EXCELLENT!) this past Saturday night, and we probably should have set a place at the dinner table for King seeing how much fish I ended up feeding him off of my plate.
Our little buddy's getting better and we're happy about it. A couple of weeks ago we thought he was approaching the end of his ninth life, and now I'm back to being annoyed by him tapping me on the nose and licking my head at 4 a.m. because he wants to be fed. But I guess I can tolerate the early morning wake ups if it means he's on the road to health. I mean, I DO enact revenge by randomly waking him up during the day when he's sleeping on the sofa.
Is that a weird pet owner thing? Oh...sorry.

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The DP said...

there are few things in this world i love more than a spoiled cat getting fed whatever he wants and living to the ripe age of 17 thanks to loving people in their entourage.
I so love cats. I so love old cats.