Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To the good people at XtremeMac in the USA...

Thank you for inventing the exercise armbands that hold the iPod and iPod Shuffle. It was good foresight on your part figuring out that people would want to listen to their iPods while they exercise.
Unfortunately, you DIDN'T realize that people who exercise tend to have larger muscles than people who do not. The larger armband for the iPod barely fits over my bicep. After wearing it for about thirty seconds, I feel like somebody is taking my blood pressure. After a couple of minutes, my hand is numb. I believe that if I were to wear the armband for my entire workout that amputation would probably be necessary - thus actually eliminating the need for your product (a strange marketing strategy to say the least). The Shuffle armband is worse. There is NO WAY I can wear it over my bicep. As a matter of fact, it actually feels a bit snug on my forearm. A good idea would have been to test the prototype on people who actually exercise.
But hey, what do I know? It was just a thought.

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