Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bakers Dozen Shuffle...

I'm swiping this one from Dixie Peach. She doesn't even know I exist, but I found her via Dictator Princess (both of them are D.P.s...weird!). Dixie Peach swiped this idea from a bunch of other people. I liked it (music is a MAJOR part of my life...NOT majoring in music in University is THE major regret of my life!), AND, lo and behold, it is now on my blog (...and you thought all my ideas were original. Maybe I'm not as smart as you think...).

Get your playlist together from your iPod, put it on random, and play.
[I used "The Big Finn's Ultimate Workout" playlist. It's what I listen to on my Shuffle when I workout...duh!]

Step 2: Write down the first line from the first 10 songs that play or close to it. [I used the first 13 songs in order to be kind of original. 13 = Baker's Dozen...get it?]

Step 3: Post and let everyone you know
[who reads my blog] guess what song the lines come from.

Step 4: Cross out the songs
[I have no idea how to do that. Could somebody please tell me?] when someone guesses correctly.

Here goes...

1. Tobes of Hades lit by flickering torchlight ...is from "By-Tor and the Snowdog" by Rush, guessed by Mrs. TBF. Could it be that she secretly likes Rush? I was going to exclude Mrs. TBF from the competition, but then I realized that if she won, her gift (I have a gift for her...) would be easy. So, she's allowed to compete. BTW...this song kicks so much ASS that I think I'm going to begin weeping just thinking about it.

2. Anyone can have an opinion

3. Yesterday a morning came, a smile upon my face ...is from "Yours Is No Disgrace" by Yes, guessed by Dixie.Mrs. TBF - ummm...Human Race? I think we need to begin having nightly Yes lyrics study sessions. I have the live version of this song from the album Yessongs on my shuffle. It has probably one of the best live guitar solos I've ever heard. Steve Howe RULES!

4. Nun liebe Kinder gebt fein acht ...is from "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein, guessed by the anonymous C (I can't pull up the link). He/she gets the credit, but if the person is unidentifiable, then Beejum gets credit. Mrs. TBF - nice try. Let me just say that Rammstein back to back with Guns 'n Roses is probably the best workout music tag-team imagineable.

5. Oh baby child...it's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky

6. Why does it feel like night today?

7. Today tomorrow seems so far away

8. In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape ...is from "There There" by Radiohead, guessed by Dixie. She's starting to pull away from the pack. Radiohead opened with this song when Mrs. TBF and I saw them at the Montreaux Jazz Festival a couple of years back. That was probably the best concert I ever saw (followed closely by Yes on September 24, 1978 and Rush on December 15, 1978). At one point during the concert, I actually said to Mrs. TBF that "...I hope they finish soon...because I don't know how much more of this I can take!" Take my advice...GO SEE RADIOHEAD LIVE!

9. Say, where you gonna go? [Nobody will get this one!]

10. All this time we're talking and sharing our rational view

11. Birdie in the hand, for life's rich demand...is from "Begin the Begin" by R.E.M., guessed by Mrs. TBF. Kirk gets an "almost but no cigar", and Dixie guessed a bit too late. R.E.M. is one of THE great American bands - who else could come up with the lyric "...Miles Standish proud." (also in this song)? They had one success after another during the late 80s and 90s. Then, their drummer quit the band after a blood clot (?) in his brain nearly killed him (in Switzerland, of all places). After the drummer quit, the band has put out a couple of "kinda lame" CDs. I guess the drummer was the magic.

12. You can tell by the way she walks that she's my girl ...is from "Supergirl by Reamonn, guessed by Dixie. This is a Basel1 Radio mainstay, and I copied it from one of those Superhits of 2000 compilation CDs. I'm pretty sure this was only a hit in Europe, so I doubt if anybody in America has ever heard before. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. I think it's a great pop tune.

13. Jump back/what's that sound? ...is from "Panama" by Van Halen, guessed by Sal. This is probably my favorite Van Halen song from the David Lee Roth era. DLR or Sammy Hagar? I like them both, but I think, for me at least, the scale tips toward the Van Halen fronted by DLR.

Make your guesses and put them in the comments. AND no ruining the fun by going to a lyrics website...or Google-ing the lyrics...ya ASS! MAYBE there'll be a special prize (...just ask Dictator Princess and Ms. Mac....they've received special prizes in the past!) for the person who gets the most right answers (WITHOUT CHEATING!!!!!!).

Dixie is in the lead...Mrs. TBF is a close second...six songs left...it's still a wide open race!

Good luck, and....ROCK ON!

(Damn...that was a lot of work!)


Unknown said...

sorry - I'm not musically inclined... No prize for me.

Sal DeTraglia said...

13 is "Jump" by VanHalen.

Not sure about 1, but it sounds like Neil Peart lyrics. [I'll Google it, but keep the answer to myself]

I don't know about the others, but I can say with some degree of confidence that none are Slim Whitman.


Sal DeTraglia said...

No, stupid! It's not "Jump." It's "Panama." That hit me while I was making breakfast.

You must forgive me. All VanHalen songs from that era sound exactly the same.

The Big Finn said...

Sal - #13 is Panama, and you're correct about #1. Since you got "Panama", I give you special dispensation to Google #1 for the answer.

Mrs. TBF said...

1. Rush - Bitor and the snowdog?
2. I think it's Pete Townsend, but I don't know the title.
3. Yes - agian don't know the title - HUman Race?
4. Mutter by Rammstein
11. REM - Begin the begin?

Kirk said...

I almost had #11--I knew it was REM but hadn't yet been able to narrow it down when Mrs TBF beat me to it! #12 sounds really familiar too, but I just can't nail it down without resorting to Google...

Anonymous said...

I would guess #4 is Rammstein with "Mein Herz brennt".

Ms Mac said...

I hve no clue about any of the lyrics but I can confirm that my TBF prize was well worth the winning!

Beejum said...

4 = Mein Herz Brennt, Rammstein. but someone already guessed it...ah well! I've gotta keep track of you guys, it's been a couple days since I last checked out your blog and I come back to like 5 posts! :)

Bobby The C said...

Hey, try Pandora.com. By the way, hey Pandora, nice box.

Dixie said...

Ohhh...you'd be surprised at who I know exsists! Heh!

So on with my guesses -

#3 - Yours Is No Disgrace - Yes

#8 - There There - Radiohead

#11 - Begin The Begin - REM

#12 - Supergirl - Reamonn

Kirk said...

Forget what I said about #12, I never would have guessed it. But I just googled #5 and I can't believe how obvious it should have been...

Anonymous said...


Number 9 is Van Morrison.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I think I'm wrong on #9!


The Big Finn said...

Perry - You are SO wrong...

Mrs. TBF said...

TBF showed me the list so I'm now disqualified from further guessing.:(