Friday, August 11, 2006

Mellowing Out In My Old Age...

I just finished adding 500+ songs to the iPod. Some of the songs were added courtesy of borrowed CDs from friends (thanks John and Rammy), and some of the songs were purchased online. We are now up to 7,526 songs, or 22.2 days of music.

Amazingly, until this week, we didn't have even one Rolling Stones song amongst the 7,000 songs. I figured that Mick and the boys have enough money, so I just borrowed John's copy of "40 Licks" and loaded it into the PowerBook. The same goes for The Kinks: last week - none...this week - 20 "Hit Singles"!

Along with our foray into illegal copying of CDs, we also went the legitimate route and bought some music from the iTunes Music Store. We kind of just keep a running list of songs we want to download, and then when we've built up a list of 10 or so songs, know.
Here's what we purchased:

Gloria; Stabat Mater by Poulenc/Boston Pops Orchestra - I was in concert choir (don't laugh!) my senior year in high school, and we sang the Gloria. I still occasionally serenade Mrs. TBF with selected excerpts, but my memory of the piece is hazy, so I thought I should do a little studying while she's slaving away at work.

Four songs by Boz Scaggs including Lido Shuffle - I'm not sure why it was on the list. I think Lido Shuffle was one of those songs that just popped into one of our heads and we decided we needed some Boz.

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty - It's just a classic "summer" song as far as I'm concerned, and I've always liked it.

Hocus Pocus by Focus - one of the all-time great classic rock jams! I ABSOLUTELY can not keep from playing air guitar and air drums whenever I hear this song.

Four Christmas songs by Il Divo (had to give up something to Mrs. TBF) - our Christmas playlist is now up to 225 songs.

The next day, I received my online receipt from iTunes and was quite alarmed at what I saw. Now, I kind of consider myself a pretty hard rocking, heavy metal, kind of guy. But, apparently, the fine people at iTunes don't think so. Here were their recommendations in the "Those who bought your selections also bought..." sidebar:

Ancora by Il Divo - Understandable since we just purchased some Il Divo. Sorry guys, we downloaded this one from our neighbors. Il Divo plays a prominent role on Mrs. TBF's "Dinner Music" (overwhelmingly Italian music...TBF not pleased!) playlist.

The Best of Pablo Cruise - Huh?

Little River Band: Greatest Hits - Wha'?

Seals and Crofts' Greatest Hits - Doh!

Oh...MY...GOD!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so embarrassed to have these "artists" on my receipt.

Then again, Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft isn't that bad. I can't believe I just said that...doh!


Barry said...


Booked the one way flight to Basel on the 29th of August. Its rapidly approaching and trying to figure out how to get my "stuff" over there.

Keep up the good work with the blog. Rock on!


Bobby The C said...

I was just sitting here "blowing thru the jasmine in my mind" when I realized I was in Concert Choir with you as well as another type of group. I have decided that my next blog must be about our "other" musical endeavor. I will be bring MOTMS to the orthopedic specialist today and will retrieve the pictures I need. I will be embarassing myself more than you. Oh well.