Thursday, December 13, 2007

Actually, He Doesn't Know The Difference...

I had to laugh after lugging home and unloading King's weekly haul of grub. On the bag from Qualipet is an advertisement for organic cat food. Under the picture it states that "...cats know the difference".

Can you believe it? ORGANIC FOOD...FOR A CAT???? I'm officially filing this one in the now-I've-seen-almost-everything file.

Seeing that King spent two minutes "grooming" his butt in front of us last night while we were trying to watch TV (very distracting!), I highly doubt that he is the slightest bit worried about whether his food is organic or not.


CanadianSwiss said...

It's difficult to say. I'm sure cats can taste (or smell) much more of a difference than we ever could. For example, we can't taste water. We taste what's in it (don't ask. I read that somewhere), but their tastebuds and smell are better developed than ours.

However, whether the bio food is to their taste or not, is another question. Uhm... Was that why he was grooming?

Anonymous said...

dont worry about feeding your cat regular cat food until king grows a third eye on his butt :<)