Friday, January 11, 2008

Hooters...And Beavers...And Bears...

...oh my!

One of the most common ways that people find my blog is by doing a search for "Weight Watchers points for Hooters wings" or something of that sort. I'm not totally sure why, but I'm guessing that I've written about Weight Watchers and Hooters on at least a few occasions. Last night, for some reason, I was in a people-helping-people mood, so I whipped out the old Weight Watchers Complete Food Companion to see if I could help out these so-called dieters who are unable to come to grips with reality by continuing to believe that Hooters wings can be part of a weight loss program.

I couldn't find Hooters wings (no big surprise there), but I did manage to find Buffalo wings cooked, 3 (4.5 ounces) coming in at a whopping 9 points!!! Seeing that Hooters wings are absolutely LOADED with butter and sugar (just do a Google search for "Hooters wings secret recipe"), I'm going to say that three Hooters wings come in at 10 points. There you have it, people. According to TBF:


For those of you who have never followed the Weight Watchers diet, let me try to put things into perspective...

I am 6'5" tall, and I weigh about 215 lbs. (about 98 kilos). During the week, I count all our points (I don't count points during the weekend) and I stick to 25 points per day. That means that three Hooters wings would equal more than one-third of my total daily food consumption from Monday to Friday. YIKES!! What's worse is that I remember going to Hooters with two co-workers back in the 90s, and the three of us would split a tray of fifty wings. Usually there would only be about five wings leftover, so that means that I probably ate at least 15 wings in one sitting - 50 points; two days worth of caloric intake for me these days. DOUBLE YIKES!!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Forget about eating Hooters wings when you're trying to lose weight on the Weight Watchers diet. You know you can't just eat three of those things, so you're better off just staying away from the place until you've reached your weight loss goal.


While I was looking up Buffalo wings, I did notice two pages earlier that Weight Watchers has a listing for Beaver, cooked 1 oz.......1 point.



Then I noticed on the same page that they have a listing for Bear, cooked 1 oz......1 point. That didn't freak me out as much because I know people who hunt bear and eat the meat.



Just out of curiosity, I then looked up, and found, Goat, cooked 1 oz.....1 point, and Horse, cooked 1 oz......1 point.

Strangely enough, there was no listing for donkey. Oh, my mistake...I'd have to look in the French edition of the book to find that one.

So there you have it folks, skip the Hooters wings and dig into the bear, goat, horse, and...beaver.




Michael Lehet said...


Are you sure it was the animal they were talking about?

Global Librarian said...

You stick to 25 points per day? Are you kidding?

I am shorter and weigh less. My Weight Watchers allowance is 26 points per day. And I am losing the recommend 1-2 lbs per week.

Ya need to eat more! Go have some Hooters Wings or something!

The Big Finn said...

michael - Maybe not.

global librarian - I stick to 25 points per day (Mrs. TBF: 20) on weekdays, and then during the weekend I eat whatever I want; somebody told me that this is the "French" diet. So I gain weight during the weekend and lose that weight during the week. The net result is that my weight pretty much stays the same when I weigh in on Fridays.

CanadianSwiss said...

What?? No squirrel, or possum?

Global Librarian said...

Well, that makes a lot more sense.

By the way, where did you find the French version? We've been trying to find some European versions of the restaurant guides. Even tried e-mailing Weight Watchers HQ in Switzerland, but they haven't bothered to respond after more than a month.

The Big Finn said...

global librarian - I was kidding about the French edition of the book (although I'm sure one exists). Mrs. TBF once had a group business dinner at a French restaurant in Basel and one of the assistants had picked the menu; so no choice of food for the diners. The staff didn't know how to say the main course in English, and it wasn't until after dinner that everybody found out that they had dined on...DONKEY!!!

The Big Finn said...

canadian swiss - No possum, but on page 44: squirrel, cooked 1 oz....1 point. There must be a lot of hunters following the Weight Watchers diet.

CanadianSwiss said...

Hmmm. I know where you can get possum recipes (and other strange stuff). I think I have an idea... :D

The Sour Kraut said...

Would it seem right that The Swede would be allowed 38 points a day?

I joined WW Online last week along with our friend (a male). He put in The Swede's height, age weight and it came up 38 points. That sounds like a lot.

The Big Finn said...

tsk - That sounds really high. I seem to recall that I was allowed something like 30 points per day when I started, and I weighed 250 lbs. However, I was allowed 35 flex points per week, so maybe he was adding in flex points. Or, maybe The Swede is weighing in at 300+ pounds?

Sirmelja said...

OK, the other ones sound truly nasty, but goat is actually great! We Jamaicans eat it quite often, we even call it mutton, though of course it's really not. Dark meat, full of flavor, makes great gravy, perfect with plantains! Now you and Mrs. TBF have to make a trip to Jamaica. Forget these cold places you always seem to trek to!