Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Flashback: Sky King

We're going to have an early start tomorrow morning; 4:30 a.m. wake up, 5:30 a.m. taxi to the airport, 6:45 a.m. flight to London, and then an 11:35 a.m. (London time) flight to Chicago.

I love flying to Chicago. Actually, I love flying...period! Sure, I love going to see friends and family, eating all the food I miss eating on a regular basis, and just getting a grand old dose of all things Americana. But the thing I like most about flying is that once you're up in the's always sunny. Yes, it's gray and dreary here in Basel today, but tomorrow at this time I'll be seeing nothing but clear blue skies and sunshine (if I'm not asleep).

In honor of tomorrow's flight, I dug deep through the photo albums to pull out this photo from the day - 7.5 years ago - when Mrs. TBF left for Switzerland. I stayed behind (with the pets) to finish working, sell the house, etc. At one point, we walked into our old bedroom and King was relaxing in one of Mrs. TBF's suitcases. Apparently, he didn't want to wait to head to Switzerland for his twilight years (that never seem to end!).

We learned from that experience; we no longer leave open suitcases on the floor. I guess another thing I like about Chicago is walking around wearing clothes that don't have cat hair on 'em.


Sara said...

what is it with cats and suitcases??

our girl cat loves to sit on top of them as well as in them.

i just saw this story yesterday

Mark said...

Have a safe trip TBF's. Enjoy all the good things and leave us with the grey :-) When you're back, let's get together and I'll cook you a nice Indonesian dinner!

The DP said...

king was one fat beast back in the day.
Ten years ago I got a bookbag as a gift from my friend's parents (it was hard to get in France at the time, it was Mountain Equipment Co-Op). Shipped specially from Canada, and "warmed" in the suitcase by their cat. I have washed this bag at least ten times and every now and then I still find some of that cat hair.

The Big Finn said...

sara - I'm not sure. Maybe they think it looks like a litter box.

ox - It's a date!