Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Your Money Is No Good Here!

My parents didn't actually say that while I was visiting them, but I kind of acted as if they did. In hindsight, I have to admit that I really didn't make much of an attempt at all to reach for the money clip while I was visiting the folks. Well, I guess I did reach for it when I saw a shirt I liked in a store window, and...a belt at the Lucky store (both in West Palm Beach).

JEEZ! What a bad son I am - I made my mom carry my stuff, and I didn't pay for anything during my visit!!! OK, I guess I bought a couple of Starbucks coffees and a Danish or two, but...that was about it. When it came time to eat meals, my pockets were suddenly, magically sewn shut.

But, I guess my parents didn't really seem too concerned about my freeloading. I mean, they looked pretty happy to me.


Michael Lehet said...

My parents do the same thing to me!

Schokolade M├Ądchen said...

Your Mom is hot!

Greg said...

My parents never buy me lobster. I have to settle for planked salmon instead. Just remember us that are less fortunate than you.

Though, I've got to admit it's really cool when the plank is still on fire when they serve it.

Unknown said...


The Big Finn said...

greg - I bought some cedar planks at Williams-Sonoma last summer, and we brought them back to Basel with us. We grilled some on the rooftop last summer, and we plan to do it more this year.