Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What We Did This Summer...

We've been on vacation for ten days now. We flew to Chicago on the 19th, then we flew to Norfolk, VA on the morning of the 20th, met up with some friends at the airport (btw...a very nice airport y'all have there in Norf-uck!) and then drove from Norfolk to Rodanthe, NC where we spent a week enjoying an Outer Banks vacation in a ginormous beach house with NINETEEN other people - a total of 11 adults and 10 kids!!!

Outer Banks vacation keywords: sun, sand, hot, humid, surfing, beer, wine, SPF 30 sunscreen, BBQ, Dairy Queen, Food Lion, and smuggled Cuban cigars (sorry, Dad!).

We flew back to Chicago this past Sunday, and now we're enjoying doing stupid things like going to Costco and being amazed by coolers that will hold 101 cans of beer AND keep ice up to 5 days at 90˚F. OR...if that's not enough fun for ya...picking up gigantic slabs of beef, and wondering how much more they'd cost in Switzerland.

Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Of course, we have our usual array of dental appointments (still no need for dentures or glasses...at the age of nearly 46!) and such, but most of the week will be spent wandering around aimlessly and just blending in anonymously as locals.

Oh...and the quote of the day comes from Mrs. TBF as we were walking around a Target store picking up a few odds and ends:

TBF: Ya wanna walk around s'more and look for somethin' else we might need?

Mrs. TBF: NO! I HATE this place! It's got a bad vibe!

I guess we'll just have to stick to Costco from now on.


Unknown said...

Now that looks like a great vacation!

Michael Lehet said...

How could Mrs. TBF disparage The Red Dot Boutique?

The Big Finn said...

michael - We did end up going to another Target (in Lake Zurich), and Mrs. TBF thought it was a little bit (..."but not much") better.