Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It Was Worth The Embarrassment...

...of being seen in public pulling Mrs. TBF's "granny" cart.

Our weekly copy of the Coop Zeitung arrived in our mailbox yesterday, and, as I normally do, I gave it a thorough going-over to see if anything good was on Aktion for the week. Lo and behold, two things that are commonly consumed in our household jumped right off the pages and onto the shopping list that is constantly updated in the inner sanctum of my brain.

1664 - my beer of choice: an enticing 35% off.

Persil laundry detergent: a whopping 40% off!

This morning, after seeing-off Mrs. TBF at the tram stop, I determinedly made my way to the neighborhood Coop (public ridicule be damned!) and loaded down Granny with three 12-packs of 1664 and two bottles of Persil.

Total savings? 42.15!

Jeez! That's almost like getting two 12-packs of 1664 for free.



Where's granny?


Global Librarian said...

Perhaps you should once again open yourself up to public ridicule and make a second trip?

Jul said...

Does that stuff really qualify as "beer", though?

The Big Finn said...

glo lib - I think I should!

jul - That's the same thing my German friend said to me a few years ago. Do I detect a Rheinheitsgebot-snob? I have to admit that I just do NOT like the taste of most German beers. To me, they all taste like they have mud or dirt in them. 1664 just appeals to me; one of the best brews I've ever tasted. I've also been enjoying Belgian beers lately. Ahhhh....Leffe! Yeah, I know...not really beer. Who cares?

CanadianSwiss said...

If I saved as much as you did today, I'd humiliate myself and get one of those granny carts right away (with my back problems, I actually should!)

And careful about your comments on Belgian beers. To me, they beat the German beers anytime. Maybe not in consumed quantity, but certainly in taste. But that's personal, right?

Kirk said...

Mmmm...1664. (I was always embarrassed when I tried to order one in France, though, because I can never keep French numbers straight, especially big'uns like that.)

Michael Lehet said...

LOL, my roommate calls it a "Mrs. Levine Cart"

Yeah go get some more free beer, and ask for samples this time.

The Big Finn said...

cs - We agree. I also prefer Belgian beer to German bier. However, I KNOW that most Germans don't consider the Belgian beers to be "real" beer.

kirk - I'm sure you can find 1664 around where you live. I began seeing it in Chicago last summer.

michael - I think I'll go right now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beer prompt! I've been in the Coop a few times over the last couple of days, but failed to see the big 35% off 1664 sign.

We now have a house full of the stuff :)


The Big Finn said...

Bruce - Thanks for leaving some for me. I just picked up a couple more 12-packs...with the granny cart!

Unknown said...

P loved 1664 on his first ever visit to Switzerland. I'll have to make sure he reads this post. I see those savings just like you too...