Friday, July 11, 2008

Wine A Little...'ll feel better!

Here's an FYI from TBF for TGIF.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Big Finn

Wow! I just spent 3 days reading your comprehensive blog on you Swiss Life.They have provided me with the kind of information I have been searching for - Comments on the reality of daily life and musings of a fellow North American living in Switzerland!

I'm retired but my wife and I have been a visitors several times in the past 8 years and often wondered what living there on a more permanent basis would be like. So I have really enjoyed reading through your Blogs. But tell me now - you're really a freelance writer - right?

The "official" information I have been able to gather from:

Residence without gainful occupation Residence of less than three months' duration as a tourist does not require any residence permit. People who would like to reside in Switzerland permanently without pursuing any gainful occupation will be entitled to take up residence provided they are in possession of the following, both for themselves and their dependants:
- sufficient financial resources to ensure that they will not become a burden on
the host country during the time of their residence,
- a health and accident insurance policy which covers all the risks.

I'm thinking Non-millionaires need not apply!!

Love your pictures and your upbeat sense of humor. May your next 2 years be as good as you wish them to be. I'll be looking forward to reading your future Blogs.

The Big Finn said...

Big Fred - I'm honored that you took three days out of your life to read my blog. I'm also saddened by the fact took three days out of your life to read my blog!
No, I'm not a freelance writer. I'm just a retired person with sufficient financial resources (investments and Mrs. TBF's job/income) to avoid becoming a burden on Switzerland during our time of residence. We also pay monthly for health insurance, so I guess we're officially in compliance.
I'm not sure whether or not a non-working, non-millionaire would be issued a residency permit by the Swiss authorities. I'm guessing no.
My advice to you? Just keep visiting...