Thursday, October 09, 2008

Got A Package, People!


That's how I describe our door buzzer, AND that's what I heard yesterday afternoon. Hmmm...that's funny. I wasn't expecting anybody. Then, I walked over to the intercom:

TBF: Hello?

Mystery Swiss Caller: Squoli squonk...squonk...squonk...squoli...squonk-squonk!!!

TBF: Wie bitte?

MSC: Paket!

Got a package, people!!!!!

Hmmm...that's funny. I wasn't expecting a package. Could it possibly be all the wine I ordered from last weekend's Weinmesse? Already?

When I got down to our lobby, I saw two delivery men standing with a pretty big box. It was then that I realized that I was about to get some head!

Actually...two heads...AND a big plate!

Seeing how busy I've been over the past month doing...well...pretty much nothing, is it any wonder that I'd forgotten that we bought some Italian ceramics while we were in Amalfi last month? Actually, I seem to recall that I remembered the ceramics for a split second last week, and then my one second attention span moved on to more unimportant things, and then I just forgot about them again...until yesterday.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah...

I unpacked the box and found that Mrs. TBF's "people" had used an interesting combination of styrofoam "popcorn", styrofoam sheets, and empty plastic water bottles as packaging material. Then, each ceramic piece was wrapped in foam rubber and two layers of bubble wrap. I'll be recycling/throwing out packaging material for the next week, but I'm happy to report that all three pieces are intact and the new heads will soon be joining the existing heads on our "head wall".

The plate? I have NO idea where we're going to keep that thing seeing that it's too big to fit into any of our cabinets. Mrs. TBF wants me to hang the plate on the wall. I, being the sole operator of the hammer-drill, have vetoed that idea, so I'm just going to have to buckle-down and find a place for it...somewhere. I guess that means I'll be doing a lot of walking into a room and then wondering why I actually walked into that room over the next few days.

I like that game, and I have to say that I've become pretty good at it over the past eight years. Practice makes perfect.


Anonymous said...

TBF...You and Mrs. TBF have very good taste, beautiful heads(hope mine doesn't end up on your head wall!!!)and that plate looks beautiful!!!!!!!!! Have you considered a plate stand for the plate? ESP

The Big Finn said...

esp - I've often thought about a plate stand, but I have no idea where to buy one here in Basel. Do you know? Otherwise, I guess I could buy one in Chicago and just bring it back with me when I go in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

TBF - have no idea when to buy one perhaps globus? Homewares? Otherwise if you head thru Hong Kong have a great place to send ya, if I can remember the directions!!!! Chicago it might be!! Good luck. ESP