Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out With The Old-New...

... and in with the New-New!!!

Our Nespresso machine bit the dust this weekend. It had a two year warranty, and it lasted just over three years. I consider it a personal victory that the thing lasted 50% longer than the warranty period: perhaps a new record for a product made in Switzerland.

Actually, the thing did break - and was repaired free of charge - one time during the warranty period. So, in all fairness, the fine people at Nespresso did take care of us. However, I STILL SAY...

Swiss Quality: HA! RUBBISH!!!

Seeing how the fine people at Nespresso pretty much had me by MY coffee beans since I had ordered about 500 Nespresso coffee capsules the previous week, I had basically no choice but to go out and buy another Nespresso machine. And, that I did.

We are now the proud owners of the latest (and greatest?) Citiz Nespresso machine. It's sleeker, has nice little features that our previous machine didn't have, and the coffee seems to come out hotter than before: all good! Plus, we have a brand new zwei Jahre Garantie! That means that IT WILL BE THE LAST COFFEE MACHINE WE EVER BUY IN SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!

And now for an installment of like/no like:

LIKE: The Swiss certainly know how to make machines that make a great cup of coffee.

NO LIKE: Swiss Quality is a sham! The coffee machines should last, in my opinion, AT LEAST five years!


...ESP... said...

TBF - Nice machine!!! Bet that cost a pretty Swiss Franc!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Finn said...

ESP - It wasn't too bad - CHF 299. They're A LOT cheaper than the Jura machines, but the coffee capsules end up costing you way more in the long run.

...ESP... said...

TBF - I do not think ever living there I saw a coffee machine with just 3 digits under 500CHF!! WOW, thats a great price for Switzerland!

Unknown said...

Sheesh - it feels like yesterday that you were just getting the first one!