Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yard Bird

There are few foods I enjoy more than BBQ chicken. In fact, it just may be my favorite food. If you ever want to distract me for a good hour or so, just grill a chicken, put the whole thing on my plate, and I won't look up until the carcass is gnawed clean. I'll eat all of the skin, meat, the pope's nose, the bloody blobs inside, and even some of the bones. Don't believe me? Just ask Mrs. TBF... she'll tell ya!

This past Sunday, we went to the home of Orange-X and Canadian-Swiss for some BBQ. When I saw that we were having rotisserie chicken, I started to get all tingly inside. Even better, they kept brushing them with butter and then let the butter and chicken drippings drip into a pan filled with potatoes.


The smell drove me so insane that I almost began chomping on Dale. Instead, I took a little bite out of C-S as she carved up the beautiful, brown birds. She kind of tasted a little bit like a combination of Canadian maple syrup and Swiss chocolate. I would have taken a bite out of Orange-X too, but, fortunately for him, C-S served up the food just in time. I kind of imagine that he'd taste like a combo of rijsttafel and bitterballen. Hmmm... maybe next time!

I'm happy to report that I got some pope's nose. Also, I ate most of the skin that Mrs. TBF had pulled off her yard bird and put on the side of her plate (Jeez! What's the matter with her?!?!?), PLUS I grabbed some of her bones and gnawed on them just like I do at home. I think I also enjoyed the potatoes.

...can't remember exactly. I was in the yard bird zone!


Unknown said...

The food looks amazing. Great to see CS and Dale too... It's been a while! I'm sure I would have been amused watching you eat though...

CanadianSwiss said...

That was a fun evening. But, do you think I need a rabies shot after that bite?

PS: Just for the record, what you didn't get from Mrs TBF's chicken skin (not to mention some of the meat) was given to Dale. He really loves her now!

The Big Finn said...

CS - There's no rabies in Switzerland. You should know that!

christina said...

Hey, I thought my grandmother was the only one that called that part the pope's nose! She used to eat the gristle too. Blurgh.

Sounds like a fun time!