Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dublin: Toner's - Now And Then

While in Dublin this past week, Colm, Diana, Mrs. TBF, and I enjoyed a couple of pints in a pub called Toner's. It was at this very same pub, in 1992, that Diana, Mrs. TBF, and I were enjoying our pints (while Colm was back at the apartment studying for his M.B.A.) when a very drunk man suddenly staggered out of the front door into the alley right by where we were sitting, and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over the ground only a few yards away from us. A few seconds later, his friends walked out and gave him a good ridiculing. Aaaaahhhhh, the memories!

Unfortunately, I didn't capture the projectile vomiting on film. However, I did dig up a few photos of us taken at Toner's in 1992.

Now: July 6, 2009

Then: Approx. July 1, 1992


...ESP... said...

TBF - Get out of here!!! OMG, that is you and MRS. TBF back in 1982?!! You two were just babies, now look at the two of you all growed up!!!!

...ESP... said...

TBF - made mistake - that is you and Mrs. TBF in 1992 not 1982!!! You both were indeed babies in 1982 the year we got married.