Thursday, September 09, 2004

Be very CAT might sue you!!!

I bought a little toy for King yesterday. I'm a sucker for those cute little cat toys. Every now and then when I go to stock up on food for the beasts, some little toy catches my eye and I blow Mrs. TBF's hard earned cash on this useless thing that will eventually end up in the vacuum cleaner cannister. Yesterday, I blew 7.50 CHF on a little Jitter Critter imported from the good old U.K. It looks like a fish, and when you pull it's tail it kind of jumps around for a couple of seconds. As the packaging says: "Once your cat catches a glimpse of the Jitter Critter, you will find them leaping, pouncing and frolicking for more! Simply pull the tail and the fun begins, they twist, shake and giggle [oh my!]! When your keen kitty captures the trembling Jitter Critter, they'll go bonkers for the tempting aroma of catnip lurking inside!" British marketing genius at its finest. I was sold. I actually took the little critter out of the bag to look at it as I was riding the tram back home. Then, I noticed in tiny little print where the Happy Pets Products Ltd. of Leicester's attorney had gotten hold of this product and had obviously developed a case of his own jitters. What does the tiny print say?

This toy contains plastic parts. Discontinue use if ripped or torn. Always supervise your pet while playing with any toy.

And to think that the Brits make fun of the American legal system with all their frivolous law suits. Really! Now I'm actually wondering if it's a good idea to let him play with it while we're in Spain for the next few days. I mean, he might decide to play with it, and I won't be there to supervise him.

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