Wednesday, September 08, 2004

May I recommend a nice helping of Rasul de Luxe???

Mrs. TBF and I are heading to Estepona, Spain this Friday, and I've just been perusing the spa "menu". I'm thinking of going for the Face Classic Special (90 minutes) and the Rasul de Luxe (90 minutes). The Face Classic Special, according to the menu, is: Face, neck and décolletée (whatever the hell that is) massage with special ingredients completed with a regenerating mask. See???? I told you I was into skin care! Also, considering the size of my head, I think I'll definitely get my money's worth.
The Rasul de Luxe is described as: Cleansing of the body and spirit in the truly Arabian way, enriched with a body pack and aromatic steam. A total overall sensational feeling enhanced by the soft and flowing rhythms of music topped with an aroma body pack and a sensual massage. I wonder if I'll be finished-off like Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm! Given the mass of my body, I'll be getting my money's worth here too. I hope they don't charge me a surcharge.
Mrs. TBF saw the phrase "cleansing of the body", and she isn't going anywhere near that one. I think she has a mental image of a person actually scrubbing her body down with a sponge, and that's a bit farther than she's willing to take the spa experience. So, she's opting for the SPA Pedicure (Activating foot bath, nail and horn-skin care, soft massage for the feet and footpack), followed by some nail polish.
Now that we've made our decisions, I better call the hotel and make some spa reservations. I've learned from past experience that it's best to call ahead. Sometimes the locals go for treatments and they take all the good slots.

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