Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Does this shirt make me look fat?

I had two ladies (my neighbor - Di, and my German teacher - Carmen) tell me yesterday that I looked "svelte" and...whatever the German word is for having lost weight. While I have trimmed down in the past month or so, I don't really think that I've lost that much weight. However, I did actually wear a t-shirt yesterday that I would normally consider to be too tight for me. Could it be that I've been wearing shirts that are too big for me? I normally wear a XXL-tall shirt, but yesterday's t-shirt was more like an XL-tall. Europeans tend to wear clothing that are much tighter fitting than what people wear in North America. Maybe my L.L. Bean and Gap t-shirts are making me look fat. I can't wait for Mrs. TBF to get home from work tonight. I'm going to turn the tables on her and ask her if my clothes make me look fat!

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