Tuesday, September 21, 2004

September 21, 2000 - September 21, 2004...four years sans a job!!

Four years ago today was my last day of work. I haven't had a paycheck for four years, and it feels damn good! Actually, I guess I wouldn't mind having the paycheck...I just don't want the stress that goes along with having it. Mrs. TBF says that I am officially unemployable now.
Sorry. I can't write too much right now. My German lesson begins in less than two hours, and I am feverishly trying to get at least half of my homework completed so that my teacher won't think I'm a total Dummkopf! It's funny that I have so much discipline when it comes to going to the gym, but I have absolutely ZERO discipline when it comes to doing German homework. I like my German lesson and my German teacher, but I HATE HOMEWORK!!!!!!

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