Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"How did it feel...."

"...to take a shower again?" That's what Mrs. TBF asked me on Monday evening. Now, mind you, this is not typical for TBF, but it was pointed out to me by Mrs. TBF that I did not shower or bathe for....4 DAYS!!! I rarely shower at home, because I always shower at the gym after my workout (usually four times per week). When you're a retired guy like me, you can usually skip some forms of personal hygiene without offending too many people. However, last week I decided at the last minute to skip my Friday workout due to lingering muscle pain from Thursday's Power Yoga class. And, before you knew it, it was Monday. Part of the problem was that we spent a quiet weekend at home, and we didn't really go out that much. So, there wasn't really a need to take a shower before going out to dinner, or to somebody's house. It was cool all weekend, and I didn't do any yardwork - so I never really built up a sweat. I don't know...bathing/showering just wasn't a priority. I did, however, take part in minor hygiene functions such as brushing my teeth, slapping on some deo, washing my face, etc. But, no bathing or showering...zilch, zippo, nada!!! And still no stank! What these people at my gym do to bring about such a wretched odor - I have no clue.
I'm kind of proud of my achievement actually. It's a new personal best...kind of caveman-like. Although I doubt Mrs. TBF shares my feelings.

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