Wednesday, September 15, 2004

We're back in Basel after four nights in Spain...

We had a really nice time in Estepona, Spain. Everything was on-time getting there (foot, tram, train, plane, and automobile), but the trip still took 7½ hours from door to door. We left the house at 9:00, and we arrived at the hotel at 16:30. The flight is only 2 hours and 15 minutes, but by the time you take the train to Zurich Airport, wait for the flight, actually fly, and then take a 45 minute car ride to the hotel...well, you get the picture. However, I'm happy to report that the journey was worth the effort. There were many highlights. We received a complimentary upgrade to a junior suite, the spa at the hotel was really nice and the treatments were relaxing, we ate at some nice restaurants both at the hotel and off-site (including Los Banditos which features Swedish & French Cuisine), we took a day-trip to Gibraltar and took a tour of the rock (I was actually inside the Rock of Gibraltar at the moment I turned 42 years old), the hotel had a very nice breakfast buffet (special kudos go to Maria Jesus the omelette maker) complete with a cat who looked like our cat King along with his little kitty sidekick politely begging for food from us everyday (they favored the liver paté), getting together with Ronnie & Geraldine (two of Mrs. TBF's co-workers who have a flat close to the hotel we were staying at) and Ronnie's daughter Janneka (I hope I spelled that correctly) AND Ronnie's mother (I forgot her name) who was one of the tiniest women I've seen in a long time. Overall, just a nice, relaxing, sunny vacation. I was going to write something on the blog everyday, but we ended up having computer password problems and I figured I'd just put pictures on my website (probably in a couple of days) at some point. So, now it's back to life...back to reality!

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