Friday, October 22, 2004

It's a beautiful day...

...because it's sunny, and Mrs. TBF is back from America. She arrived just after noon - minus one suitcase. The baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport displayed their prowess once again by failing to transfer Mrs. TBF's suitcase even though they had three hours to do so. Although, it's not that big of a deal. The next flight from Heathrow comes in at 17:00.
Mrs. TBF came bearing gifts. She brought me a couple of USA Todays (the thick U.S. version as opposed to the dinky European version). Even though I think the USA Today kind of sucks as far as journalism goes, I do enjoy the non-news parts of it. Also in the booty was some Bulgari BLV parfum for me from duty-free, and several CDs. Among the CDs was a Bob Seger's Greatest Hits CD from 1994. Ever since he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I've been coveting that CD, and I've been unable to find it Europe. Actually, I take that back...I did see it at the Virgin Mega Store in Paris, but it was a ridiculous 25 Euros. If you like Bob Seger at all...get it! It's packed with hits!!! Mrs. TBF's missing suitcase also contains a few packages of Snausages for Dominique. Her normal Party-Mix variety, plus a new flavor - Burger and Fries. Our baby's just going to have to be patient.
I'm blowing off the gym today, but I WILL GO TOMORROW MORNING! I only went twice this week, and I must go at least three times in a week or I feel guilty. Also, I experience an interesting phenomenom when I don't work out...I lose weight. When I'm working out four-five times per week, I actually carry a higher weight. Since I had a cold over the past two weeks, I only worked out about twice per week. This resulted in a 2 kilo weight loss. I'm flirting with the 110 kg./242 lb. mark, and that's too light for The Big Finn. The Svelte Finn just does not have the same ring to it!

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