Friday, October 15, 2004

It's time to talk some SMACK!!!

I just received my second e-mail from a Packer fan pointing out that Brett Favre's name is spelled with two "t"s instead of one (referencing an earlier blog entry). So, I misspelled Bert Fart's name...BIG DEAL! How about focusing on the fact that he's about two-thirds of the way down the hill, and the lowly Chicago Bears destroyed Bart and the equally-lowly Fudge Packers earlier this year? At least I admit that the Bears suck as much as, or even possibly more than, the Packers suck (although I do enjoy the fact that the newspapers list the teams with identical records alphabetically putting the Packers at the bottom of the division behind the Bears). Hey Green Bay Packer fans, you're in denial. Welcome to the bottom rung of the NFL. Now there's absolutely nothing worthwhile going on in Green Bay. You don't believe me? Check out the official Green Bay website. Sorry Gretchen, I'm not really this mean....just talkin' some smack!

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