Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Bob Nuenfeldt!!!

Who's Bob Nuenfeldt you ask? Why, he's a guy who lived on Redwood Trail right behind me when I was growing up in Wheeling, Illinois. Really, he only lived there until 7th or 8th grade - then his family moved to California. But for some reason, I remember his birthday every year.
I think I saw him one time after he moved when he came back to visit some friends. But...that was it. He had an older sister named Debbie, and a younger sister named Donna. I wonder whatever happened to him. Maybe he'll do a Google search on his own name and find my blog. You never know.
Bob, I hope you have a happy birthday. Wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

I ran across this by typing in the name Nuenfeldt. Since this entry is a few years old, you may not even see this post. Did you ever hear from any of the Nuenfeldt family. I also spent my growing years in Wheeling. They lived across the street from me. There was a time when I thought Debbie and I were going to end up an item, but then that's another story. An email address of mine is

The Big Finn said...

anon - No, I never heard from the Nuenfeldts again.