Sunday, April 22, 2007

Missing TBF in Basel

While TBF is all jet lagged in Chicago, I'm missing him in Basel! Well, actually I've missed him in Nyon and in Gland (both about 30 minutes from Geneva). TBF left early Wednesday AM and early Thursday AM I headed down to Nyon by train for two days worth of meetings. Thanks to Uncle Dx Dave who took care of the beast (King). I arrived home at around 9:15 PM on Friday night and was greeted at the door by a very angry King who was telling me that his evening meal or two were now late and I'd better hurry up. I complied and within 5 minutes King was lapping up his super soft senior food laced with his sweet liquid Gatinar laxative. Then, I prepared a little something for myself - one of my favorites - poached eggs over spinach, mmmmmmm. After a wonderful night's sleep (in bed shortly past midnight and up around 9 AM), here's how the rest of the weekend went...
Saturday AM: 2 cups of coffee and then up to the roof to water. It's been so sunny and dry here that the garden could definitely use the water. Then, back down to the apartment to vacuum up all the sand that the beast tracks around. Yes...Mrs TBF does occasionally have to do housework.
Saturday afternoon: Met Rammy in town for a planned shopping spree. TBF and I have a summer wedding to attend so I though I'd better get a nice summer dress before all the good stuff is gone. Success! I also managed to buy another dress, a suit, a skirt, and two jackets!!! Major success, and they even gave Rammy and I some fizzy water in the Merkur shop because we were spending enough money I guess. And who says you never get anything free in Switzerland!
Saturday evening: Champagne and BBQ at Rammy and John's. I decided Saturday afternoon that I was in the mood for a little pink champagne, so I picked up two different bottles in town for us to sample. It was a perfect summer-ish (my God it's only April) evening, with a little chill in the evening air, but clear and calm. Rammy served up some delish scallops and John BBQed lamb steaks. It was a very nice evening...but we all missed TBF.
Sunday AM: Tennis with Rammy. We both played really well and we had an outdoor court - in April!!! I couldn't believe it, but it was perfect weather.
Sunday afternoon: After lunch I went for a nice walk with Di and Andy. We walked from their place up the hill, and let me tell you after playing tennis, my legs and butt were screaming going up that hill. Oh well - I got my share of exercise today, which was good. But, we all missed TBF. It was another perfect weather day and I'm beginning to wonder if we're headed towards another summer like 2003 - one can only hope.
Tonight, I'm relaxing, catching up on blogs and doing some laundry! I thought about having a relaxing bath, but I'd only miss TBF even more. Can't wait for him to get home. Ciao.


The Sour Kraut said...

You're so sweet. You two are perfect together.

Bobby The C said...
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Bobby The C said...

Just so you know, I am aware I used a proper name. ;-)

Mrs. TBF said...

TMS - You have been censored, by me!

Bobby The C said...

how dare you? I will not be censored!