Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Exciting Travel News!

Our latest trend in travelling is that we skip the hotel breakfast and just opt for room service coffee instead. Isn't 35 Euros per person for a hotel "American breakfast" just a little bit steep? Don't get me wrong, the breakfast at the Lancaster is very good, but it is pretty much just bacon, eggs, and toast...isn't it? Instead of the hotel breakfast, we enjoy our coffee while I read my newspaper, and then we go out for lunch. An added bonus: after re-examining our hotel bill at home, I noticed that they never charged us for the room service - trés bon!!!
Somewhere between my newspaper and going out for lunch, Mrs. TBF discovered a problem with her belt. I didn't even know that she knows how to sew!!! Really! The things you discover after 18+ years of marriage.
What else is she hiding from me?


christina said...

35 euros for breakfast?? That's insane. Your idea was much better.

Have you really been married for 18 + years or does it just feel like it? :-) We'll be celebrating our 16th this year.

Michael Lehet said...

A Girl has to have some secrets, don't they Mrs. TBF!

CanadianSwiss said...

I agree, Michael. Women are always a surprise ahead. :-)

Mrs. TBF said...

Yes - we really have been married for 18 years and in October we'll celebrate 19!
Michael - You're absolutely right...what will I surprise TBF with in the next 18 years?