Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If Every Picture Tells A Story...

...then this one certainly tells most of the story of our weekend trip to Alicante, Spain. Our hotel was GREAT! I'm kind of hesitating mentioning the name because we feel that it's a hidden gem, we'd like to return, and we don't want it to get overrun by German tourists like most other places in Spain (sorry...nothing against Germans...but, IT'S TRUE!). OK...here it goes. The name is...El Montiboli. There, I said it. It's about a 30-minute taxi ride from the Alicante airport, and it is a place I would HIGHLY recommend to anybody. The rooms were nice and comfortable, the food was definitely above average, the staff was competent...huh?..doesn't sound that great so far? Well, here's what made it so great: location, Location, LOCATION! It has one of the best seaside locations I've ever seen. The hotel pool sits atop a cliff that drops down dramatically to a beach. If you take a right at the bottom of the stairs - you're on a public beach. If you take a left - you're on a nude beach (more about that later).
Our days were pretty much as follows:

wake up

get dressed

go to breakfast

go back to the room and put on bathing suits

walk down to the pool and pick our "spot"

read, talk, listen to our iPods, jump in the pool every now and then, order a couple of drinks here and there, marvel at how sunburned British tourists get "whilst on holiday", glance down at the nude beach to see if anybody who actually looks good naked has arrived, etc.

go back to the room, shower, take a nap, watch a little of the French Open (Mrs. TBF), continue reading The Da Vinci Code (TBF), enjoy a gin and tonic in our little sitting room, get dressed for dinner

dinner at 9:00 p.m.

go to sleep right after dinner

wake up the next morning and repeat

I think we were both getting into the taxi yesterday evening for the ride back to the airport wishing we could stay another night. But, responsibilities (like the things I'm avoiding doing right now) beckoned, and we'll just have to look forward to returning again someday. It was complete, and total, rest and relaxation.

...more later!


CanadianSwiss said...

Sounds like just the kinda thing we'd need right now. You know, a change of surroundings. And we're not German, so that means we can go, right? ;-)

The DP said...

I am not British but I am sunburn city. No really. Even before the Muslim gig I was the one at the beach in long sleeves and khakis and hat. Then people would be all like, "Don't be ashamed of your body, everyone is different" and I was all like, "It's called Skin Cancer, y'all".

The Big Finn said...

CS - I guess I should clarify the German thing in order to avoid a bunch of complaints from my German friends/bloggers.
I am not opposed to Germans, or any other group of people, traveling to whatever destination. However, what really bothers me is when you travel to a place that has been "taken over" by tourists from one particular country to the point that all the restaurants, hotels, etc. overwhelmingly cater to that particular nationality. For example, it really drives me crazy when you see "Bitburger" or other German beer signs hanging outside of every bar in Anytown, Spain. Serve us your own country's food and drink for God's sake. If I wanted German beer, I'd travel to Germany. I asked for a beer at the hotel, and the waiter asked me if I wanted a Heineken. "Heineken??? I'd rather have a Spanish beer if that's OK."

DP - I've heard that British tourits traveling to a sunny destination get more sun during a two week vacation than they get DURING THE OTHER 50 WEEKS IN ENGLAND! I'm telling you, the Brits we saw were fried to a crisp, AND they just kept coming back for more. It's unbelievable. Surely, they must have been in pain, but they don't seem to care. They looked like boiled lobsters.

Michelle said...

This looks fantastic!! My boyfriend and I have a place that we fell in love with and it is always a tough call whether to tell anyone or not. On the one hand we could rave for days about it. On the other hand, the best part was that there were very few tourists there and we want it to stay that way for us forever. Anyway, we go back in July and I can't wait! I'm in desperate need of that agenda you put up in this post. :)

Sal DeTraglia said...

Gee, that's all looks so familiar.

Can you believe that I paid doing this kind of stuff everyday?! :-O

Sal (in Spain)

PS: Glad you had a good time in my adopted land...but not at all surprised.

Sal DeTraglia said...

Jesus! Could I have possibly made more typos in the message above?! Some day I must start proofreading during non-business hours. Corrections below (although the moment is ruined):

- "Gee, THAT all looks so familiar."
- "Can you believe that I GET paid FOR doing this kind of stuff everyday?! :-O"

Tati said...

It looks like an absolutely relax kind of weekend - I envy you all of that sunshine - but things in the weather department here appear to be picking up at last :-))

Kirk said...

Thanks for at least bringing back a little bit of the Spanish weather with you--now, if only we had a beach and good tapas as well...

Unknown said...

Oh man - I ditto CS's remarks. That photo is incredible! OR should I say INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Wow - I want to go and linger in the pool and enjoy that...

Thanks for sharing.

Di Mackey said...

I do believe I'm a wee bit jealous ... :) in the nicest possible way.