Monday, June 12, 2006

On The Rocks...

Even though 2006 is not quite half over, I'm going to go out on a limb right now by stating that this will be my strangest sighting of the year.
This photo was taken one week ago today while we were lounging next to our pool in Spain. As you may recall, there was a nude beach right next to our hotel.
Now, I have to say that I have nothing against nude sunbathing. As a matter of fact, I have to admit that I've exposed "the boys" to the sun a few times during my days in Europe. However, for the life of me, I can NOT figure out why any man would want to lie face down on a rocky beach.
At first I thought he was a drowning victim who had washed ashore. But then I saw him move a bit and realized that he had chosen (for whatever reason) to assume this position. It was all great entertainment for yours truly, and I couldn't stop staring.
Yes, it was pretty crazy. But...he did have a pretty nice tan!


Gretchen said...

That's totally weird. I love the picture, though, and think you should find some sort of contest of bizarre photos to enter with this one.

Sal DeTraglia said...

I suspect that he dug a small hole in the rocks first. The more disturbing question is...what did he fill the hole with?


PS: I'll betcha 100€ that neither he nor his wife are Spanish.

Michael Lehet said...

Uhm, Ouch!

And why is his butt up in the air like that? I mean I'm gay and even I wouldn't do that!

Unknown said...

Haha Michael. Yes that photo is bizarre. I think he looks dead in the snap shot photo.

christina said...

Ha! Looks like he's trying to maybe trying to get a tan in those places where the sun don't (usually) shine.

That couple looks suspiciously German to me.