Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finding TBF...

Here's a list of recent keywords that enabled YOU - the random, loner, internet searcher - to find The Big Finn:

sauna etiquette america, sauna protocol switzerland, menards sauna, etc.
- Who knew that there are so many sauna lovers out there? More importantly, who knew that there are so many people out there who are concerned about proper sauna conduct? Maybe I can help. In America, people wear bathing suits in the sauna. In Switzerland, it's considered unhygienic to wear a bathing suit in the sauna (...not exactly sure why), so you go in naked and sit on a towel. That's right, people in North America...there are naked men and women TOGETHER in the sauna at my health club here in Basel.

turun sinappi - Another common keyword, and one of Finland's best kept secrets. Let me tell ya, there are A LOT of people out there searching for info on Finnish mustard. Let the worldwide distribution commence!

weight watchers points hooters wings - You're on the Weight Watchers diet? Forget about it! I'd say that one wing is equal to about half of your daily point total. I once made a batch of Hooter's wings from a "secret" recipe that I found on the internet. I'm not joking...a serving of wings has about a whole stick of butter in it. Just...forget about it!

famous swiss movie stars - ...not too many! See following keywords.

ursula andress - "famous" swiss movie star!

fennel seed health benefit fart - I'm not really sure how these keywords brought this person to my blog; I never fart!

Bob Neuenfeldt - Bob lived right behind us in Wheeling, Illinois from the late 60s to the mid-70s. Bob...was that you?

why gorilla pod sucks - The gorilla pod is the tiny, little tripod I used before I got my knew "quikpod". Sucks??? Isn't that a bit harsh? I doesn't totally suck, but it doesn't really grip too well either. I guess it just kind of semi-sucks.

what is fishbowl friday - EVERYBODY knows THAT!

kämp receptionist - This refers to the Hotel Kämp in Helsinki. she hot?

pronounce street shtreet - This really makes my blood boil. I hear it all the time on TV. First, rappers were pronouncing it this way. Then, I'd hear kids who were rapper-wannabes saying "shtreet". Now, I hear TV reporters saying it. It's pronounced "street"!!! There's no "h" in it, s'it 'ead!

what products does scarlett johansson use - hand sanitizer?
- Mmmmmmm...Scarlett Johansson!!!

"blog" AND "chicago" AND "tapas" - Wow! A little demanding, aren't we? You just want it ALL, don't you?

total shots grey goose bottle - I'm not sure...we lost count.

cheese cuckoo nazi gold green wing - I had no idea, so I did a Google search. My "So Clean...and Safe" post about Switzerland was the culprit. The "nazi gold green wing" was in one of the comments (thanks, Sara!).

...and my two favorites:

young lady corset weighed scale strict - I have no idea...

tantric massage german blog - ...sick and wrong! I'm sure I'm going to have nightmares about this one.


Jul said...

goat attacks!

cat shaving!

peeing Japanese!

There, I have now re-directed much search engine traffic from my blog to yours. Enjoy.

Jul said...

Blog owner approval? What's this all about? Censorship on TBF blog? I never thought I'd see the day...

Sara said...

glad to see julie is amusing herself.

now you have another hit for
cheese cuckoo nazi gold green wing, as i had to see what it lead to also.

Unknown said...

LOL - it's pure entertainment...

By the way, I guess I'm going to be able to call myself canadian once I finally get my passport too!

Global Librarian said...

So if Julie's comment didn't get censored, I really want to know what someone said to convince TBF to moderate his comments!

The Big Finn said...

GL - Nothing bad has been said. It's just a precaution, and I've only deleted comments a few times in the two or so years that I've been blogging.