Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Health Update...

King has made a quick recovery, and it seems like he's almost back to normal.

I seem to be getting sicker. Yesterday, it was the pounding headache. Today, it is a combination of chills and sweats, a dry cough, and burning lungs. I don't think it's time to go to the doctor yet, but I might reconsider if my health does not improve by tomorrow night.

Mrs. TBF? She told me last night that she wasn't feeling 100%. This morning, she said she felt sick, but had a meeting she absolutely had to attend. She ended up coming home from the office early and doing her work from home. Of course, Mrs. TBF is blaming me for the sudden downturn in her health. I, in turn, am blaming King for our ills.

So, here we sit with our steaming cups of Theraflu. King is snoring away on the sofa, Mrs. TBF is on a conference call, and I'm blogging away. Romantic, isn't it?

Happy Valentine's Day!


Global Librarian said...

I'm not feeling so well today either. And we're going to Paris on Friday!

That's it. If I get sick I am going to blame Mrs. TBF, who can blame you, who can blame King.

So there!

The Big Finn said...

Paris - even when you're not feeling well - is a great place!

Global Librarian said...

By the way, the restaurants you recommended are too popular. Couldn't get reservations! We're going somewhere else.

But it's ok. You know how you confessed that you don't care for Swiss chocolate?

Well, I have my own confession. I am not a fan of French food.

There, I said it!

Whew. I feel so much better!

The DP said...

You have my Ebola. It is a decidedly Swiss strain.
The only thing that works is sleep, theraflu, and more sleep. I guess I'll warn you that I am still coughing ten days on. The third day is the worst.

CanadianSwiss said...

Funny that I told you just a couple of days ago that there was a flu going around the region. I'm starting to think that it can be transmitted via blogging. Do I have to blame GL, now?

The Sour Kraut said...

Glad to hear King is better. Sorry you and the missus aren't doing as well.

I have had one or two sick children home with me for 9 out of the last 14 days of school.