Friday, February 16, 2007

Stupid Foreigner: 2 Swiss Company: 0

If you'll recall from about two months ago, yours truly reigned supreme over the evil* Swiss property management company when push came to shove over paying a bill for the repair of our dryer.

Let it be known that I have triumphed, once again, in the never-ending battle of the "stupid" foreigner vs. the "we're right because we're Swiss" company.

Here's a very brief summary of what happened:

Dryer repairman repairs dryer and says vent is clogged.

Dryer repairman calls management company and tells them that the vent is clogged.

Random "vent unclogging" company calls me to tell me that they will come out in two days to unclog the vent.

I call management company to tell them that my dryer is working fine, my clothes are totally dry at the end of the dryer cycle, and I do not think the vent-unclogging work is necessary.

Management company lady tells me the owner wants to have the work done to prevent any possibility of moisture/mold damage.

I tell lady at management company that I will allow workers in only under the condition that the owner pays for the repair...because I think it's not necessary.

Lady at management company tells me that " will not have to pay for this repair."

Repair is performed by two chain-smoking men in jump suits with ridiculously high-tech apparatus (plumber's snake with a tiny camera on the tip). Total overkill!

So...what's the problem, you ask?

Two days ago, we received a bill for CHF 672.00!!! That's over $500 U.S.!!! Since I was sick, I wasn't really in the mood to stick my size-12 American shoe up the management company's ass, so I waited until today to give them a call.

I calmly explained the situation, and told the man that I shouldn't have to pay this bill. He immediately agreed, told me that I should never have received the bill, and told me to throw it away.

All's well that ends well, but I'm beginning to get a little suspicious. I'm beginning to think that the management company is just sending these bills to us hoping to get away with a fast one. Maybe they assume that we won't even question the bills, and that "the rich North Americans" will just pay them.

*Note: Our property management company isn't really evil. The people there are actually pretty friendly and helpful. AND...they are happy to speak English with me - which is a BIG plus! I just happen to think that they're also a bit...sneaky!

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CanadianSwiss said...

I was just about to say: "And you did all that in German??"... until I read the last sentence.

I wonder if we'll get a bill "by mistake" once our fridge is replaced.