Friday, June 29, 2007

There's Nothing Like Going Back To Chicago...

...and consuming more calories in one meal than I'd normally consume in a week in Switzerland!

First of all, let me say that...I'VE GOT TO GET ME ONE OF THESE!!! Of course, I'm thinking that there probably isn't a hope in hell of finding a martini bar supplier in Switzerland - not to mention the hopelessness of finding a supplier of crushed ice (maybe one of those melting glaciers???) - so I'll probably have to hold off on the home version of Gridley's martini bar for at least a couple more years.

I actually skipped the martini (didn't need to compound the jet lag), but I did go for the 24 oz. porterhouse with a few jumbo shrimp. Oh...and I had it the way I like to eat steak: with a BIG knob of butter melted on top of it. Naturally, I had to consider my health, so I also ate all of my vegetables.

But the calories didn't stop there.....NO!!! I also ordered a slice of cheesecake the size of a brick. I wanted to share my dessert with Jo Mama the mama-in-law, but she said she didn't want any. Since I was unsuccessful trying to force-feed her, I was "forced" to eat the whole thing myself. Yup! The whole...damn...thing!!! What choice did I have?


The bro/sis-in-law were there too. What? You thought I was there alone with Jo Mama and sitting on the same side of the booth with her? Wow...that's sick!

After dinner, I rode home with Jo Mama and then collapsed in the guest bed in a snoring, drooling, and farting heap.

God Bless America!


Sal DeTraglia said...

You're right, brutha. There's nothing like it.


Man! The Spanish suck at cheesecake!

Sara said...

sounds fun!
i once had ice at Julies, a friend of hers bought it from a guy who imports it from Germany, apparently he said the ice in Switzerland is no good.
Maybe you should just get your own giant freezer?

merjoem32 said...

Chicago seems to be a great place to go home to, judging by the pictures. Well, since the top hair color specialist has a studio there, it must be a great city. I would love to visit it sometime.