Monday, March 31, 2008

Good To The Last Drop...

Get it while you can, people. Two years ago today, we bought our Nespresso coffee/espresso machine. That means that our 2-year warranty is over at midnight tonight.

I fully expect the machine to break within the next few days!

However, no biggie! We already had the machine fixed once under warranty. One day, a few months after we bought the thing, the machine would just not turn on anymore. I flicked, and re-flicked, the power switch. Nada! I called the fine people at Nespresso, and the machine was picked up, repaired, and promptly returned. They even offered us a free loaner (which I declined because we were leaving for vacation a couple of days later anyway) while we were waiting for our machine to be repaired. So, at least we got some value out of the warranty. Plus, the machine wasn't really that expensive (the coffee is what really costs you in the long run), so we'll just buy another one if it breaks down.

Yes, it was a fine decision to switch to the Nespresso machine after all the problems we had with our old Jura machine. I think I'll go make myself a double espresso right now.

While I still can!


islandgirl4ever2 said...

Hi Mr. and Mrs. TBF- I hope you guys are doing well, and the man-cold has cleared up! I have a question for you about Nespresso... Do you guys have those Nespresso stores out there with lines out the door... My friend told me a funny store about when she went to one in Paris right around the time the store was about to close and they looked the doors so people couldn't walk right at closing time. People outside were furious and make a big banter about coming in get their Nespresso "fix." I found it funny! Anyhow, just wondering if that happens in Suisse!
Take care, Leesa
18 more days 'til I get me some California sunshine!!!!!

The Big Finn said...

ig4e2 - We are doing well (thanks for asking!), and the man-cold is nearly gone.
We do have a Nespresso store here in Basel, but I've never seen lines out the door. I think ours is more of a shop where you can buy the machines and the coffee capsules, but they may sell coffee in there to drink too - I'm not sure. Anyway, I buy the capsules for our machine (which is still working, btw) over their website, so I've only been in the store a couple of times.
Enjoy the CA sunshine. I'll be in Chicago two weeks from today, and hopefully the sun will be shining there too.

Colon Blow said...

My wife's sister was so taken with our Nespresso machine that she bought one too! Nespressomania is sweeping da nation!

The Big Finn said...

Colon Blow ...IS...ALIVE!!!