Wednesday, October 05, 2005

From The "Too Much Info" File...

T.G.I.N.F!!! Thank God It's NOT Friday!!!
This Friday, Mrs. TBF and I will leave for Chicago! We will take an early morning flight out of Basel and connect in London for our flight to Chicago. Mrs. TBF actually has meetings in Chicago next week so she'll be flying in Business Class compliments of her company. She also has gazillions of miles on British Airways. Therefore (donc in French. It's my favorite French word so far. DONK! DONK!), yours truly will be sitting next to Mrs. TBF in business class. I keep telling ya!: I AM THE TRAVEL DIVA!!!
We're really looking forward to this trip. We're going to see our one-week old niece - Sinead - for the first time, we're going to be celebrating Mrs. TBF's brother's - Perry's - 50th birthday, and we'll also be celebrating Mrs. TBF's mom's - Josephine/Jo's - 75th birthday (DAMN SHE OLD!!!). Also, I'll tag along with Mrs. TBF when she's in the city for her meetings, so I'll get to spend some time in downtown Chicago! A couple of months ago, we booked a romantic dinner for two at Charlie Trotter's for while we're in town, and we are DEFINITELY looking forward to that!
So...why am I glad it's NOT Friday? Well, I'm glad you asked. But first, a fair warning: THIS IS THE "TOO MUCH INFO" portion of this segment. You may want to cease reading at this point.
Last night, I came down with the worst case of diarrhea that was on par with when I had the flu earlier this year in May. I woke up several times during the night, and I read several magazines in "the library". All I can say is: Thank God this wasn't taking place during the overseas flight from London to Chicago. It would have been very distressing for my fellow Business Class passengers - let alone the entire airplane. Afterall, you can't bring matches on planes anymore!
Fortunately, the worst of it seems to be "behind" (sorry!) me. It's after 4 p.m., and I just ate for the first time today. Unless I have a relapse, I think I'll be good to go for Friday.
See? I told you you should have stopped reading. You just couldn't resist could you?


The DP said...

Donc= best french word ever, it is my French word par excellence.

also, for the too much information file, in France they sell these little pastilles in the pharmacy called "Spasfon Lyoc" that stops just about anything you want, even bladder infections and vomiting. I would get some for the plane and a bottle of Evian.

Michael Lehet said...

Sorry to hear about the "issue"

Have fun in Chicago, it's nice and rainy/cold here right now.

The nice thing about Business Class on BA - the bathrooms are BIG, so I'm sure your travel partners wouldn't have minded -- too much.