Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In My Room...

I'm overjoyed by the fact that we have ESPN in our hotel room. I just finished watching Monday Night Football - LIVE!!! on a Tuesday morning in Bangkok. Globalization - good! We also watched the first two games of the World Series. Go Sox!!!!
I've also been perusing my International Herald Tribune. I have a subscription to IHT at home. In addtional to the normal paper (albeit with an Asian versus European focus), it also has a Thai Day section. So it's pretty much two papers in one. Nice!
What isn't nice, however, is the difference in the annual subscription price in Thailand versus the annual subscription price in Switzerland. Right now there is a subscription special for 3,900 Baht per year. That comes out to about 125 Swiss Francs per year. What's the annual subscription price is Switzerland? 765 CHF!!!!

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