Friday, January 27, 2006

Now YOU'VE Done It!

After suffering a verbal emasculation this past weekend from my friend Di when she told me that my shoulder muscles were deteriorating, I decided to "wail on my shoulders and biceps" at the gym. What was the result? A broken blood vessel in my eye from the strain, that's what!

Oh...MY...GOD! Is that an age spot on my left temple?

I need to make an appointment for a facial...and fast! I'm falling apart!!!


CanadianSwiss said...

Maybe you should just take it a bit easier next time and do more with less weight.

Unknown said...

Well looks like you made it back without getting a citzarest!

CanadianSwiss said...

Expat- Everytime I get home after work, your almost always the next comment after mine. Makes me smile.. early bird! :-)

TBF- Get that age spot away ;-) (or is it just a shadow??)

Bobby The C said...

i have suffered your manicures, your skin products etc... I cannot take it any longer.

I demand you come home to Chicago! WHO GIVES A RATS ASS IF YOUR SHOULDERS ARE SAGGY?! You are a man and as a man I demand you begin to act like one.

As soon as you get home, I will bring you to Hooters and an all-you-can-eat Polish place.

As my buddy King says "and dat's dat."

Sal DeTraglia said...

Big Finn:

I just spoke with my grandmother. She said that if you keep doing that to your face, it will stay that way.

(Overheard in the UIUC free-weight gym, 1995: "It's not the car you drive. It's the arm that hangs out of it.")

The Big Finn said...

Dear Medium Swede: Thanks for your comments. When are you going to actually begin writing YOUR blog? A few weeks ago you told me that you were going to begin writing stuff. So far? NOTHING!
Sorry...gotta go. My bath is ready!
Anybody who reads this...please go to his blog and give him some encouragement.

Mark said...

TBF, don't worry about the spot. You should see me after walking outside in the cold for an hour. Looks like I have some kind of weird skin disease. Don't know what it is but it sure looks strange. And it only happens in winter. Maybe the soft side of my female me acting up?!?!

Mark said...

PS: about the writer's block. Nope, I've got none. I'm just taking it easy as I don't want to "stress" myself too hard and end up with an eye like yours! :-)
Be patient: I'LL BE BACK....

Anonymous said...

Big Dude - you are indeed a Thin Finn now (hence the shoulder comment). And 'dat is a fact.' I told my Mum of your shrinking gig and she said "whawwwt - Tim isn't a large man any longer? - euwohh dear, how ahhwwwful.....)
This string of comments reminded me of your speculation on your previous life..... I laughed out loud.