Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh Happy Evening & the eyeball

No offense to TBF, but all you working stiffs out there know what I mean when I say Friday night is the best night of the week!!!!! You know when you come home from work on Friday evening that you have 2 glorious weekend days ahead of you and a relaxing Friday evening. Sunday evening, on the other hand, is the exact opposite - yes I get the Sunday night blues, do you?
Anyway, this is also my first rebuttal blog. How many of you out there really wanted to see TBF's eyeball that up close and personal? When I came home he said to me - did you see my blog today and I said no. So, he proceeded to show me, with the caveat, "you're not going to like it", and sure enough, I have to say - he's right. Yuck - what a gross picture. Oh well. Note to the lovely Di - I blame you for this atrocity.
Anyway, have a great Friday evening and a 2 glorious weekend days! And don't even think about Sunday evening now.


Unknown said...

Mrs. TFB - I know what you mean - shrugs shoulders men! hehe

And I totally know what you mean about Friday's. Although my work is a lot less stressful compared to yours, I'm still very tired and ready for a weekend break. It has more gifts to me than you'd believe. I know P is so happy when the weekend comes and we really dread sunday eve again too!

CanadianSwiss said...

I can understand you soooooo well! And then I get Mr. TBF on my back for not blogging.

TBF - I'm workin' on it! ;-)

Mark said...

The Friday night is just the best part of the week. Exactly like you describe Mrs. TBF. Either you hang around a bit on the sofa and relax, or you unexpectedly go over to others where you get fed and can still hang around on the sofa? Isn't life beautiful? ;-)