Monday, February 06, 2006

I DID IT!!! (...and other boring stuff)

Friday morning weigh-in: 214 lbs./97.4 kgs./15 stone 4 lbs.
I did it! I reached my goal weight by losing a total of 36 lbs./16.4 kgs./2 stone 8 lbs. It took me five months to do it, and I would have done it faster except for the facts that I just tried to maintain my weight over the holidays, and I only followed the diet (militantly) during the week and ate normally during the weekends. Now, it's time for maintenance.
I've been doing Weight Watchers online. It's been pretty easy for me. Today, after entering my weight online, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my daily point allowance has jumped from 26 to 30. I guess the trick now is to not gain back the weight.

Friday evening: Mrs. TBF had been in Zürich for three days of meetings. On Friday evening, she came home and brought Wes (one of her colleagues based in the U.S.) along for dinner. They arrived at our apartment earlier than I expected. Fortunately for me, Mrs. TBF had forgotten her housekey because I was vacuuming the house in my underwear when she and Wes buzzed up from the lobby. I quickly threw on some jeans, and greeted them at the elevator. They worked away in the office for awhile until I finished getting dinner ready, and then we had a nice meal and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday: We had a French lesson. We are now done with our lessons at Berlitz and we are taking French lessons with a private teacher who comes to our house. Overall, we weren't too happy with Berlitz. We kind of got the feeling that they pretty much took our money up front, and then they didn't give a rip about us anymore. Plus, we noticed that one of our teachers would arrive at our lesson unprepared. One time, she had forgotten her lesson book and taught us out of an Italian book. We paid A LOT for these lessons, and...well, let's just say we're glad Berlitz is behind us and leave it at that!
After our lesson, we went into town to do a little shopping. We were feeling a little hungry, so we stopped at a place for pizza. The pizzas really hit the spot, but I think my pizza must have had a whole head of raw garlic on it because Mrs. TBF kept telling me that "you stink!" for the rest of the day.
On Saturday evening we went next-door to Corey and Suzanne's house for a nice dinner (Simon and Rosemarie were there also.). The highlights for me were the excellent leg of lamb that Suzanne made and the 1977 port that Corey served up while we smoked cigars and froze our asses off on the balcony. Ahhh, the hardships we go through to enjoy the finer things in life! One big plus of going to Corey and Suzanne's: no worries about drinking a driving. Elevator down to lobby, walk out the front door, walk down a few steps, turn left, walk about fifty feet, walk up a few steps, go in the front door, take the elevator up to the top floor, and VOILA!

Sunday: Strange day. Mrs. TBF was going to play tennis with Rammy at 11:00. At 10:30, I woke up when she was getting back into bed after calling Rammy to tell her that she wasn't going to be playing tennis because she didn't feel well. It turned out that she had the flu, and ended up sleeping away the entire day. I'm not joking. She must have slept at least eighteen hours yesterday. I didn't feel that well either (might have been yesterday's "garlic bomb" pizza), but poor Mrs. TBF was definitely hit hard! At one point, I walked into the bedroom to find Mrs. TBF kneeling on the floor throwing up into a plastic bucket. Of course, curious King was also sticking his head into the bucket so that he could see what was going on. I wish I had had my camera handy. What a Kodak moment!
Later I moved Mrs. TBF's duvét into the T.V. room so that we could watch the Super Bowl. Remember, the Super Bowl starts after midnight here. I remember the opening kick off, and...I must have fallen asleep since the next thing I remember was the Rolling Stones playing at half-time. We just went to bed. I taped it, so I'll just watch it later this week.

Today: Fortunately, Mrs. TBF was feeling better because I had to drive her to Basel Airport to catch a flight to Newark via London. She just called me from London a few minutes ago, and she's now about to board the flight to Newark. She'll be gone until Sunday afternoon, so I guess I'm the "bachelor" for a week. I wasn't feeling 100% this morning, but I'm feeling better now so I think I'll head to the gym.

Sorry, I hope this week is a little more exciting than the past few days.


Unknown said...

I sure hope Mrs. TBF feels better. A plan ride after being sick must be just brutal! Congrats on loosing the weight! That is a great step. Yes I think the trick is to maintain...

Michael Lehet said...

Congrats on the weight loss, that was a big accomplishment.

So you actually watched the Super Bowl? I used the time to call everyone and annoy them because they were watching it and I wasn't.

The Big Finn said...

Yeah, I watched it...through my eyelids!

CanadianSwiss said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Now about those shoulders... Nahh forget it ;-)

Hope Mrs. TBF is doing better. Flying after a night/day like that is awwwwful! I'm also glad (for you!) that you didn't have your camera handy. I'm sure that Mrs. TBF would NOT have appreciated you showing that scene!

Unknown said...

Yeah no kidding - I'd agree with CS. Nobody who is sick needs to have a camera in their face unless you want to be cussed out.

The DP said...

oh my gosh, Mrs TBF is a trooper, there is no WAY I would get on a transatlantic flight N+1 after the stomach flu. I actually threw a tantrum in bejing airport for the same reason.

Mrs. TBF said...

I made it and even ate a little (very little ) food on the plane. I'm up and ready to go to the office (7AM EST) and I'm going to attempt my first cup of coffee since Saturday! I feel better...but still a little weak.