Wednesday, January 31, 2007

War in Switzerland!

This is my 600th post. Scheisse!

I just read an article in swissinfo about how the "...two top Swiss supermarkets have declared 'war' on the price of butter, claiming that a cartel has made the product too expensive in Switzerland."

Thank God that this horrible scourge on Swiss society is finally being addressed. Now, maybe the Swiss authorities can turn their attention to other not-quite-so-important matters. You the two guys I saw...SHOOTING HEROIN ON THE STAIRWELL LEADING TO THE HEUWAAGE PEDESTRIAN UNDERPASS RIGHT BY THE METHADONE CLINIC (Isn't methadone supposed to keep people from using heroin? Thought so...) while I was walking back from the gym this evening (btw...30 minutes, 3300 steps!).

Rather than focusing on how much more expensive butter is in Switzerland than in France, maybe more attention should be focused on the fact that heroin costs almost HALF AS MUCH in Switzerland than it does in France.


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CanadianSwiss said...

Well, at least you found something cheaper in Switzerland!

Anonymous said...

One of the big mindbogglers to me still is:
1) You can buy all kinds of illegal drugs at, for lack of a better word, reasonable prices.
2) You can't buy codeine paracetamol (that's Tylenol 4 to you US guys) without a doctor's or dentist's prescription.

In France, it's the reverse!

Michael Lehet said...

Happy 600 Post!

Wait Heroine is cheap over there? I had no idea!