Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happens Every Year Around This Time...

It's funny how nobody talks about Global Warming when it's rainy and 15˚C/60˚F day after day in July like it has been for the past week. I guess that's why the term "Climate Change" was created.

Sheesh! You just can't win a debate with these people!


I noticed that the weather is supposed to turn from cool and rainy to hot and sunny by Friday, which, by the way, pretty much happens every year around this time so you shouldn't be surprised. This got me to thinkin'... What's the weather been like around this time over the past few years. So, I decided to have a look at past blog entries around this date from years past.

Here goes...

2006: About a year ago, I accompanied Mrs. TBF on one of her business trips to the Geneva/Lausanne area. After reading the post, I recalled that it was hotter 'n Hell when I was hoofing it up and down the hills of Lausanne. It was about 33˚C for a high which is about how it will be this weekend. Global Warming? Maybe. Climate Change? No.

2005: The key words from my post of July 11, 2005 are, "...we decided that a 20˚C blustery day on July 11th was better spent indoors." Global Warming? No. Climate Change? No.

2004: On July 9, 2004, I wrote that "'s been cool and rainy for most of the week. We've had a few fleeting moments of sun, but I'd have to say that it's been about 90% dreary this past week." Global Warming? No. Climate Change? No.

2003: I didn't have the blog back in 2003, but I did make reference to it in the same 2004 post that I just mentioned. I said: "Last year [2003] at this time it was about 35˚C and dry as a bone. The doomsdayers were making it seem like the human race had about 3-5 years left due to global warming." Global Warming? Yes. Climate Change? No...since it's going to be hot this weekend like it usually is in July.

When one looks at the past few years, I'd have to give early-July 2007 the following rating: Global Warming? No. Climate Change? No.

So there you have it, folks! As far as Switzerland is concerned, and after conducting my highly-scientific research over the past five years, I'm going with the following overall rating: Global Warming? Probably, but I'm still not convinced that it's entirely caused by human activity. Climate Change? No.

Do you disagree with me? Fine! First, turn off your TV and stop watching the news for twelve hours per day. All that does is freak you out. Then, put your money where your mouth is! Go buy some carbon offset certificates.

Go ahead...I triple-dog-dare-ya! (Now you have to do it!)

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