Monday, July 23, 2007

Let's Dance...

About five years ago, my mom and dad raved about grilling "dancing chickens." In case you've never heard about this method of grilling chicken, it basically amounts to inserting an open can of beer into the chicken's cavity, plonking it on the grill, and waiting about an hour for "the magic" to happen. Of course I didn't take their advice five years ago, and I have to admit that I should have because mom and dad knew what they were talking about.

Sorry about that, folks!

What was I waiting for? chance upon the "dancing chicken" holder for sale at Canadian Tire in Sudbury, Ontario when I was there last month of course!

Always on the lookout for ways to blow Mrs. TBF's hard-earned cash.'s not very much to look at. And, yes, you can get by without this high-tech piece of equipment. But...I'm a man DAMMIT, and I'm a sucker for gadgets and gizmos.! It was one of the things that was in my missing suitcase. Believe it or not, I had completely forgotten about it.

Oh...and don't think I don't know how jealous you are right now that you don't have one of these things. You're seething! Admit it!!!

So sure I was that this was going to be a great way of preparing chicken, that we even invited a couple of "guinea pigs" over for dinner - our friends Dave and Jane. Ok...OK! I barbecued some lamb rib chops too...just in case.

The dancing chicken is ready for the grill (...just look at proud Papa!).

Impress and amaze your friends!

An hour later, bask in the glory of the holy, crackly skin (King's favorite!) that envelopes the shrine of moist, delectable meat that just falls off the bone!

Look at that splayed hussy...taunting us

All gone! Will I ever prepare a whole chicken any other way???

VERDICT: Five bucks well spent!

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christina said...

Wow, that looks great! I've been meaning to try that for, oh, about the last 20 years but never got around to it. We have some kind of apparatus to put a chicken on, but there's no room for the beer can.