Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How The Other Half Lives...

One post below this one, you can read about my recent travel woes. Here's the short recap: flight delay...seat mate who would not shut up...missed connection...six-hour wait at Heathrow...bag did not make it to Basel...still waiting for my bag FIVE DAYS LATER!!!

When I was at the BA desk getting a boarding pass for the later flight to Basel, the BA employee gave me a 10-pound voucher that I could use to buy food anywhere at Heathrow. I wasn't really expecting it, and it was a rather pleasant surprise. I ended up getting a massive cappucino, a couple of sandwiches, and a little tin of breath mints at the Costa coffee shop. The delay wasn't really that bad, and I thought it was a nice gesture. That was, until I got home and saw a letter from British Airways addressed to Mrs. TBF. Here's what was written on the letter:

Dear Mrs [TBF}

I am sorry about the entertainment system on your flight.

It is an important part of the British Airways service to help you relax and enjoy your time aboard, and you have every right to expect the entertainment equipment to work smoothly. I have informed our maintenance manager and I know he will follow it up with his team.

By way of an apology, I have arranged for your Executive Club account to be credited with 15000 BA Miles.

I hope that this did not spoil your flight and that you will fly British Airways again next time.

Yours sincerely

Kathika M[-------]
Customer Relations

For the record: Mrs. TBF didn't even complain about her entertainment system not working. It was during the safety announcements (that Mrs. TBF was apparently not paying attention to) that a flight attendant noticed that her screen was not working. Mrs. TBF was reading and listening to her iPod and had really no intention of even using the entertainment system. The flight attendant tried rebooting the entire system two times to no avail. She apologized profusely, and then apparently reported the incident to Executive Club who saw to it that Mrs. TBF receive extra BA miles for her "trouble".

Let's see now...

I had to deal with a flight delay that resulted in me missing my connection, FILLIS!, standing in line at Heathrow to be rebooked onto a later flight to Basel, six hours of waiting at Heathrow, and I'm still waiting for my bag to arrive five days later. For my troubles? 10 pounds!

Mrs. TBF was "inconvenienced" by a faulty entertainment system that she had no intention of even using (and probably wouldn't have even noticed wasn't working), and she receives 15,000 BA miles!

If I end up filing a claim for my missing suitcase, BA will pay!

Oh, yes...BA WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. TBF said...

Just a couple corrections to your account of my failed in flight entertainment system:
1. I did notice the screen wasn't working and pointed it out to the flight attendant - so I was paying attention - safety first!
2. It was a male flight attendant who let me know in pains-taking detail about all the reboots and the checks with ground staff engineers that they were making to try to fix my in-flight entertainment system - that I didn't care to watch anyway!
BA may have good seats but their selection of movies is "rubbish"
Later this motn I will experience the new Singapore Air business class seat - and the old service was great!

CanadianSwiss said...

Now I'm just waiting to read TBF's comment about the male attendant. You're just too charming, Mrs TBF ;)

The Big Finn said...

Believe me, I have no problem with Mrs. TBF talking with any of the male flight attendants on BA.

I think they're more interested in me!