Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trust me Dx...

This blog goes out to DxDave, who has taken up the challenge to see who blogs more...Mrs. TBF or Dx. But Dx - you need to have more faith in me...that I would never try to cheat. We've known each other now for over 5 years. We've cared for each other's various pets, we've given each other rides to the airport/train station (sacred if you're a Seinfeld fan), we've dined at each other's homes, cried together (or at least I have cried in front of you), and we've cleaned up after each other's elderly dogs. By now Dx, you should know us well enough to know that even if TBF pretended to be me, I would rat him out. Therefore, you can trust me...I would never take credit for a blog I didn't author! By the way, TBF claims that Dx and I turning blogging into a competition ruins a beautiful thing. I say we're just raising the bar of free speech - god bless America, right Dx?
Here are my random thoughts of the day:
...and I'm not going to make a separate entry title even though I'm now done asking Dx to trust me...and TBF told me it would count as another blog entry...see Dx...I'm trustworthy!
...Swiss train riders...I cannot believe how motion sick I now get riding the train. What has SBB done with the old reliable inter-region train that rumbled and bumped around all the way to their destination??? They now have these modern bullety looking trains that go faster but sway in a really sick-making fashion. I spent 2 1/2 hours last night travelling back from Nyon concentrating on not losing my lunch! Let me tell you...that is exhausting! And, SBB have you heard of heat? We're having quite the cold snap here and they can't seem to get the heat up enough on the train, so I had a chilly and nauseating ride home last night.
...speaking of cold snaps...is it my imagination or is winter in Basel colder than it used to be? The first winter TBF and I were here, every morning when I was making coffee for us I'd look at the thermometer on the window and every day it was around 40˚F (about 5˚C) and drizzling. After about a week of this I thought the thermometer was broken...but no it wasn't. That winter it never got much colder and it rained every day until the end of April. I thought this was ok in comparison to the inside-of-your-nose-drying cold of Chicago...TBF on the other hand was unhappy with the grey drizzle. Now that the last couple of winters have been colder (and sunnier), I'm not sure anymore which I prefer - assuming I must choose a winter season at all. Cold - really cold - and sunny, or moderate and drizzly?? Then when I think about the aftermath of both...I guess I'll take the cold and sunny which doesn't end with millions of nasty smelly slugs sliding around the sidewalks. And, since there's a good sale going on at Merkur right now, I think that's a good excuse for me to go out and buy a second winter coat.
...Isn't it amazing how I was just able to blog my way to justifying a new coat? TBF is floating around in the background telling me I'm not allowed to publish this! Forget it TBF - this is about free speech now!


CanadianSwiss said...

Way to go Mrs TBF! Personally, I prefer the Canadian cold (must be similar to Chicago). I just hate damp cold. The humidity gets into your clothes and feels like it gets under your skin. But you're right. This year has been colder than the past few years.

And thanks for the Merkur tip. Haven't been there in quite a while.

Unknown said...

We have had an unseasonable warm and very rainy winter. I'm not sure which one I like best. When it gets icy its hard to run. But when it pours rain, its also hard to run...

Oh the trains - IF you were riding on the double commuter train, I don't blame you. I rode on the top always because it sways less than the bottom. I love the old trains too because they made me not so sick either. So it does make two of us who get relatively sick on the train. (there's some good sickness pills I got that worked wonders from my swiss doc.)

Michael Lehet said...

We're having a wet/warm winter here thus far. It's supposed to get up to 46 today, oh and the sun did come out the other day. I moved my couch out of the way and stretched out on the floor like a cat to soak it up.

Gretchen said...

There's ALWAYS a good excuse for another winter coat! Go for it!