Saturday, June 07, 2008

Glasgow - Royal Bedfellows

How did we get so lucky?

I booked our Glasgow hotel by looking at some of the reviews on Tripadvisor. The hotel I ended up picking - Hotel du Vin, One Devonshire Gardens - received glowing reviews, so I just figured that it was as good a choice as any, and I booked it.

The next day, I picked up my 1000 Things To See Before You Die book and saw that our hotel was listed as one of the 1000 things.

Who knew?

Let me just say that THE HOTEL IS FABULOUS!!!!!! We've stayed in a lot of really great hotels, but this one ranks right up there as one of our very favorites.

We were shown up to our room by two men (one wearing a kilt, the other wearing tartan trousers that I admit to coveting) who informed us that we would be staying in Princess Anne's favorite room. I had to think for a moment about who Princess Anne actually is, but I figured it all out after a few seconds and then felt it was my duty to give Mrs. TBF the "royal treatment" a short time later in our "royal" bed.

Fortunately, I was first able to get the image of Princess Anne out of my head.


Unknown said...

Looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Great stuff-one devonshire looks pretty special. When we stay in hotels in glasgow its usually somewhere alot less luxurious-we always have a great time-the people are fantastic!