Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Starting My List, Eh?

Christmas is ONLY six months from tomorrow, but I'm not talking about starting a Christmas list.


The list I'm starting is the list of Americans who say they will move abroad (usually to Canada) if a Republican - in this case, John McCain - is elected president.

I know I'm a little behind in the news, but I just read a couple of days ago that Susan Sarandon has said that she will move to either Italy or Canada (odd choice!) if John McCain is elected president.

Susan Sarandon? You're ON MY LIST!!!

First of all, you can't just up and move to Canada. There are visas to get, and papers to fill out, and loads of other procedures and rules to follow just like when a person moves to the U.S. It's as if people don't think Canada is a real country or something. It drives me nuts!

Then, there's the issue of income taxes. When Americans move abroad, they still have to file U.S. income taxes. Since Ms. Sarandon has a high income (most likely) that (more than likely) originates from the U.S., she would still end up paying U.S. tax dollars that would be overseen by the administration that she would so loathe. Plus, if a large part of that income would come from any one state, that state would also want to get in their meat hooks by withholding state income taxes. Wouldn't she just be better off staying in the U.S. and using her high profile (and vote) to try to change things rather than just blowing off a bunch of hot air? Or, is she doing all this just to aggravate me?

Finally, there really is not that much of a difference between Canada and the U.S., and Canadians and Americans, enna-way. Oh, except for the fact that...

...Americans aren't anti-American.


Sara said...

i had to promise we wont move to the US if mike huckabee becomes VP.

christina said...

Isn't it funny how they do that? Same when Bush got elected again and all I could do was smile quietly to myself.

Unfortunately, if you are an so-called "artist" like Susan S., I think you CAN actually move most anywhere you want and get a residence permit because of your profession. Whereas a mere mortal like my husband would have to jump through all the immigration and sponsoring hoops. Sheesh.

I've never really gotten why dumb-as-cheese celebrities/stars etc need to spout off about politics anyway.

CanadianSwiss said...

Yep. The stars have the easier way out ... or in, depending on which way you look at it. So Canada is really "abroad"?? Hmm. Okay, from here, maybe ;)

Global Librarian said...

Are these the same people who remained in the US during the entire Bush administration? Why wouldn't they have left before? I'm not a Republican and I won't vote for McCain, but at least if he wins I know he's better than Bush!

The Big Finn said...

sara - I think the VP is especially important in McCain's case because of his age.

christina - I'll never understand the celebrity spouting-off think either. If it were me, I'd just enjoy my 15 minutes of fame and shut the hell up.

cs - Canada is also considered abroad from the U.S. From dictionary.com...

1. in or to a foreign country
2. in or to another continent

glo lib - Alec Baldwin was another one. Back in 2004, he said he'd move to Canada if Bush was re-elected. Bush was, and A.B. remained in the U.S. Thank god, too, because he's awesome in 30 Rock! Alec Baldwin, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, fat head...

Ya forgot about anudder definition for abroad.

Dat CS is pretty cool for abroad!

Anonymous said...

You're forgetting that Susan could immigrate to another country (e.g., Canada) and give up her US citizenship. Then she is no longer subject to US taxation on her global income, though would be taxed on income earned within the US.

The Big Finn said...

anon - I'm sure giving up her U.S. citizenship would do wonders for her film career. Also, she'd then be subject to Canadian income tax which would be, what, 50%+?

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Ohhh... I'm ALREADY abroad, so I can't be on your "list!" Well, I always said I wanted to leave the country.. and that was when Mondale lost the election... I was a lot younger than... and tried to emigrate to Australia.. But, man oh man.. is it hard to emigrate to another country when you don't have a certain skill or money in the bank... I am happy here in France... Oh sooo far away... But... it still pisses me off what Bush has done... and still will do for the next 208 days... He's already done enough!! I SURE hope the Repubs DON'T get another 4 spot in la maison blanche... If so... put me on your "barf list.!!! I'll barf if another repub. is elected president!!