Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Turkey For Turkey!

Turkey lost to Germany last night in the Euro2008 semi-finals.

NO, I did not watch the game! Well, that's kind of a lie since I have to admit that I watched bits and pieces of it. Let me just say right now that if all soccer games had as many goals (and shots on goal) as last night's game, watching soccer might actually be couple of times per year. My solution? Eliminate offsides, and have a couple less players on each side.


Where was I? Oh yeah...

We were sitting on our balcony having a nice dinner when suddenly we heard the whole neighborhood cheering. Mrs. TBF said, "...oh, Germany must've scored," so I went inside to turn on the TV (notice how we hadn't been watching) to see if they, indeed, had. As it turned out, TURKEY had just scored the first goal.

Wait a second...

The Swiss were cheering for Turkey instead of Germany?

Why yes, they were!

For the remainder of the game, our neighborhood would erupt in cheers anytime Turkey scored or nearly scored. Whenever Germany scored?


I find this to be a strange phenomenon. Imagine the U.S. playing any team in the World Cup. It would be kind of like Canadians rooting for the other team regardless of which country they were from.

Wait a second...

Canadians WOULD want the other team to beat America.

Huh! I guess it's not that strange of a phenomenon.

Well, anyway...

In the end, after giving it their all, Turkey just couldn't pull it off. The final score:

Germany 3

Turkey 2

So, in honor of Turkey's near upset victory, but more importantly, in celebration that Euro2008 is nearly over, we've pulled a whole turkey out of the freezer, and we'll be giving it the Weber grill seat of honor for a couple of hours this Saturday evening.

Thanks, Turkey...for giving us a good reason for grilling a turkey. Ahhhhh, there's nothing like a summertime Thanksgiving dinner.


Michael Lehet said...

That's too funny, I bet it was odd to hear all of that cheering at once.

J said...

I was cheering for Turkey too! The FanZone looked fun.

CanadianSwiss said...

Happy summer thanksgiving! One game left. Thank goodness! I'm pretty fed up with watching soccer ;)