Thursday, August 26, 2004

anpassen = adapt, adjust; entdecken = discover; teilen = divide, share...

I've finally started making my karteikarten (flash cards). Carmen, my German language teacher, began hounding me last spring about making flash cards to improve my vocabulary. So since my lessons begin again next Tuesday, I figured it was about time to go out and buy some index cards. Now, when I see a German word I don't know (believe me...there are many), I just write it down on a card, look up the word in the dictionary, and write the English word on the backside of the card. I could probably do about five-hundred cards per day, but let's not get crazy...I'm going to try (probieren) to do about five per day. Now I'll be able to honestly tell Carmen that I've be doing my index cards during the summer break. By next Tuesday I should have about thirty cards, but I'll put them on top of my stack of 200 cards. Carmen doesn't have to know that only a few of the cards have writing on them. Hopefully (hoffentlich) she won't ask to see the whole deck. Otherwise, I'll be in trouble (Schwierigkeit).
My Thursday has been pretty typical of most Thursdays. I drove Jo Ann to work, and then I went shopping in France. After I came home to unload the groceries, I drove over to the local, big, overly-priced, liquor store Traumland (dreamland) to buy some Rose's Lime Juice. (By the way, did you know that Rose's Lime Juice is manufactured by Mott's? That's right. The same Mott's that not only makes North America's best selling apple juice and apple sauce, but also Hawaiian Punch, Yoo-hoo, and ReaLemon/ReaLime!) After Traumland, I went to OBI to buy a few more mums for the garden. I figured that since the weather's been so fall-like, I might as well plant some fall flowers. Now, I'm sitting here with my hands on the computer keyboard instead of on the vacuum cleaner (Staubsauger) like they're supposed to be. I better go take care of my Putzfrau (cleaning lady) duties.

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