Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Summer 1984 - Summer 2004: Twenty years of pesto for The Big Finn!

My herb garden is at its peak right now. I'd say I have enough herbs to make about twenty-five batches of pesto. So far, I've just stuck with classic basil pesto and cilantro pesto. However, today I'm going to venture into the unknown...I'm going to make some basil-oregano pesto. We have this pesto cookbook, and it has about thirty different recipes. So, I figured that I'd try some of the different types this year. Afterall, anybody can buy basil pesto at the store. Why not expand one's horizons to pistachio, tarragon, or basil-mint pesto. And to think, before I met my Italian/American wife, I don't think I had ever tasted pesto in my life. I just don't think it's a staple of the Finnish household. I'd have to say that I had my first taste of pesto sauce during the summer of 1984 when Mrs. TBF and I began dating. That would make this summer The Big Finn's 20th pesto anniversary.
We had a good soaking rain last night, and that's good for the garden. Gardening is a breeze this year after last year's heat wave/draught. We've had sufficient rain, and it hasn't been unbearably hot this year. Also, I smuggled in some Burpee seeds from America. I don't like the basil and parsley seeds they sell here. It might have been a function of last year's heat, but they just didn't produce well. More importantly, they didn't taste as good as the plants that grow from my beloved Burpee seeds.
I'm going to have some lunch after my daily pesto session, and then I'm going to head to the gym. It feels a bit cooler today, so maybe the B.O. (or Boris Orloff as my ex-next-door-neighbor Paul used to call it) at the gym won't be quite so pungent today as it was on Monday. I've stepped up the bicep workout. Mrs. TBF actually told me last week that my forearms looked huge, but she kind of implied that my biceps weren't looking as good as they could. So, after looking at my biceps about 100 times in the mirror during the weekend, I did a massive bicep workout on Monday. I felt it yesterday, but I think I've recovered enough to go at it again this afternoon. This will be workout number two in quest of David Robinson biceps!

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