Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I'm back...d'ya miss me?

I've been having computer problems. First I couldn't update my website for days because Yahoo! Webhosting was shut down for maintenance (...some kind of reimbursement for the lost week maybe???). Then, I couldn't get online at all. As it turns out, my cable modem ist kaput! I hooked up my neighbor Dave's modem....and, voila! So, now I have to call the service provider, hopefully find somebody who speaks English or understands my broken English, and figure out how to get a new modem. I've been renting mine for 9.50 CHF per month. I wonder how much they cost...maybe it's time to just buy one.
So, what's happened since I last posted. We went to the Em Bebbi Sy Jazz festival in Basel last Friday night, and we saw our friend Jooce's band - Boss Blues. They were great, as usual. They even added a couple of news songs to their repertoire. On Saturday, we had kind of a pot luck BBQ over at Andy and Di's with John & Rammy and Coletta & David...and all of the kids. It was kind of the last hurrah before C & D left for America (they left this past Monday). On Sunday, Jo Ann played tennis in the morning, and then we kind of relaxed in the afternoon. At least I think we did. I don't really remember what we did on Sunday afternoon. This week has been the usual stuff of gym, grocery store, making pesto (just made some basil/pistachio pesto this morning). The only new thing added to the fray has been the Olympics.
We watch the Olympics on our "technically illegal" U.K. Sky satellite. It's kind of cool watching it on BBC. You actually see a lot of different events. I don't know if it's changed in America since we left four years ago, but the BBC doesn't just focus on events that the Brits are in. They show tons of different stuff. As a matter of fact, it's interactive and you can actually pull down a menu and choose from four different things to watch. I actually watched Olympic trap shooting yesterday. It was won by somebody from the U.A.E. I don't think they'd ever show that on NBC, or whichever network has the Olympics this year in America. It's been great watching badminton, table tennis, and field hockey (which the Brits just call hockey) along with gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc. Also, the absence of those "straight from depths of Hell" up-close-and-personal snippets are a God-send!
Well, after a crappy day yesterday, the sun is shining today. So, I think I'll maybe cut the grass after it's dry, and then I'll head to the gym. My weight has pretty much stablized in the 111 kg. range, but my pants are a lot looser. I guess that means I've been doing the fat to muscle transformation. I've definitely cut down on the amount I eat...which is good.
One final thing...what the heck happened? Two weeks ago it was 30º - 35º, and the height of summer. Suddenly, it's cool and fall is in the air. Jo Ann was amazed yesterday that I was wearing long pants....ON AUGUST 17TH!!!

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